Fall Back

Back in 2018, 60% of Californias united together – this one time – (Democrats, Republicans, Independents) We voted to end the twice a year Time Change. It was Prop 7.

The measure was sold as a way to keep the sun shining later in the evening year-round by placing California on Pacific Daylight Time (or if you prefer, Mountain Standard Time) all year. But, many warned us before the election, there’s a complication: the United States Congress.

Congress has authority over time zones and would need to pass a law to allow California voters to have their way.

Here’s where things stand now:

The California State Legislature has to change California state laws before California goes begging Congress to let us make this change.

And it’s a higher hurdle than most laws passed at the state Capitol, this particular law requires a 2/3 vote to pass.

Let’s get real – This is not on the top priority list for the US Congress. They are too busy trying to totally transform the United States, into an unrecognizable thrid world country. They could care less. To them, it is a non-issue. I’m afraid this whole Prop7 was a huge waste of taxpayer money.

The author of the bill – Assemblyman Kansen Chu (D-San Jose) said last year, in Nov 2020 the effort is dead. “Unfortunately, the California State Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities, and Communications did not bring AB 7 up for a vote and the bill died. While I will not be coming back as a State Assemblymember next year, I will continue my advocacy at the state and federal level to uphold Californians’ will to get rid of our outdated practice of switching the clock back and forth twice a year. I urge everyone who voted for Prop 7 to reach out to your state and federal representatives and ask them to continue my effort in the upcoming legislative session,”

So, despite the will of the voters, the clocks will be rolled back on tonight, November 7, meaning it will be getting darker each evening, like around 5pm.

Where’s the outrage? Sometimes I guess you have to just give up…

One thought on “Fall Back

  1. bloggngnoggin November 6, 2021 / 2:27 pm

    I don’t know if either 1 is good or bad these days
    things are going so off the wall every which way
    from 1 thing to the next it’s hard to keep up with.

    “Sometimes I guess you have to just give up…”
    when things get so out of wack that’s the best
    thing to do cause there’s nothing else left.


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