Hard times are coming (are here)

Lately, many of the blogs I read are talking about shortages from food to everything else. In my 67 1/2 years, I have never seen it this bad. I remember when my mom used to talk about the depression years and WW2 and how it was like living on rations. She was born and raised in Dayton Ohio. Back then, Dayton was a manufacturing town and they were hit hard during the depression. My mom was raised by a single mother and they were very poor, living in one boarding house after another. I used to wonder what it would be like, to have to go through something like that – standing in food lines, getting my meals from a soup kitchen – Now, I actually think it is a real possibility and many will have no choice, Thanks to the jerk in the white house.

I believe we will do okay – of course, if we had been preparing for years, we’d have been better off. We are not “preppers.” although I have always tried to keep a fair amount of food stocked away; buying something extra every time I go to the store. Now as seniors, we get a senior box and a senior bag twice a month and that comes in handy but food shortages will hit the food banks even harder.

My son turned me on to a YouTube channel called, “City Prepping” – My husband and I are thoroughly enjoying it. He’s not a bearded camo-wearing fanatic – just a regular guy that we can relate to. NOTE: Not that I have anything against those bearded, camo-wearing fanatics. Just being descriptive and because of of the preppers we have seen before, were really “out there”. I’m sure after the covid 19 hit, they had the last laugh – I’ll give that to them with their special protective gear, and gas masks. The deal is, not everyone lives out in the middle of nowhere. Not everyone has the means to live off-grid, build Bug-Outs, and store food for 30 years; although we do have several of those emergency food buckets in our closet. This guy on City-Preppers is more relatable to me.

This year I have decided that I will purchase some “prepper” items for my adult kids. Things that they can use for camping as well. Just to get them started. I am not going to spend a lot of cash this year. Just because…Christmas is about the birth of Christ not going into debt which has always bugged me. I stopped with the heavy-duty Christmas shopping years ago, at first due to not being able to afford a huge Christmas for my sons back when I was a divorced single mom. They understood. I did the best I could and we still created memories. So it was financial at first and then after that, it was about the fact that I wanted to focus on the real meaning.

I don’t know folks, it’s starting to get real – just get yourself prepared without starting a panic. All that does is make it harder for everybody to get the things they need. Pick up a little each time – purchase those food buckets for the really hard times. They have a 30-year shelf life. My husband just plunked down almost $300 on a portable reverse osmosis water treatment system in case we run out of water, which is very real where I live due to the extreme droughts. It can also be used on camping trips. He wanted it and he paid for it out of his part-time job – so it took nothing away from our household budget.

Just get prepared – don’t pull the wool over your eyes. It’s coming.

2 thoughts on “Hard times are coming (are here)

  1. bloggngnoggin October 22, 2021 / 3:51 pm

    👍 you are SO RIGHT ! I’ve been TALKING ABOUT THIS & a lot more
    of what’s going on with what’s to come on my blogs as well but it seems
    no 1 wants to listen or admit this could be happening but we SEE IT !

    I’ve been working on getting things stocked up for the past few years B-4
    any of this was even talked about when I moved into the cabin a few years
    back, now we have a good stocked up extra bedroom with food-water & a
    lot of other things we need like T-P, paper towels, trash bags, laundry soap
    dish soap, bleach, you name it we got it cause we know what it’s like to not
    have what we need & something like this happens so we’re always prepared.


  2. Sparky October 23, 2021 / 9:19 am

    Yeah, it’s comin’. Best to be prepared. And pray. A lot. And keep trusting Christ, but I know y’all do that. He is still in control.
    Keep lookin’ up! xx


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