People and GroupThink (vaccine mandates)

The mandated vaccine for medical employees has gone into effect here in the Golden State – we so far have lost at least 10% of our medical staffing here in my rural county. So much so, they had to bring in the National Guard to help out for a couple of weeks or indefinitely. One son works at a Care facility as a Dietitian and he finally received the jab – Last year he was an essential worker; a HERO – this year he’s the enemy of the State. After thinking about the consequences of NOT getting the jab, none that had nothing to do with Covid19, he decided he couldn’t live off air and pay his bills.

When he was an infant, he was allergic to everything. After his first baby shot, the Pedestrian advised that he get his doses in half doses as to not spike the high fever. That worked out fine even though he still would get a mild fever etc. Now at age 40, he took the 2nd jab and spiked a high fever (103) was dizzy, and had mental confusion. He couldn’t go into work for 3 days – mind you, this child of mine, worked all through the pandemic last year without even a sniffle. He doesn’t take sick leave because he never gets sick. I wanted him to go into emergency but he refused. But at least he received the vaccine, right?

Yesterday I went to my doctor for my pre-surgery checkup for the cataract surgery I am to get at the end of this month. While I was there, I received my flu shot. I don’t owe none of my anti-vaxxer friends a legitimate reason why I choose to be vaccinated. Frankly, it is none of their business. I am not and have never been an anti-vaxxer. I take each vaccine as it comes and make my own informed decisions based on my own health. I do not, however, side with the mandated Nazi vaccine pushers either. You do your health and I will do mine.

What I am noticing is lines are being drawn between groups of people and if you do not fall within those lines, you are the enemy. As it is, I am always in between the lines.

Nazi Vaccine Pushers/Sheep

These are the people who seem to be in the majority and are members of the elitist groups in the US, pushing for complete compliance with whatever the Government says. They are the “Karen’s” of the country who actually will turn a neighbor or even Granny, in just so they can feel good about themselves. They wear double and triple masks and because they are miserable, they want everyone else to be miserable. So far, they are still living in Fear – still not venturing out of the house for fear the covid19 coodies will get them. Many of the Nazi Vaccine Pushers are in our Government. Dictating these tyrannical mandates to you, however since they are considered “sophisticated” the mandates and rules do not apply to them, and the masses, applaud them in their hypocrisy. When you ask for the science, they ban you or ignore your request. What are they hiding?

Mark of the Beast – anti-covid19 vaccine

Seems most of my friends fall into this category. They honestly and sincerely believe this vaccine is the mark of the beast or similarity of what is to come. What they do not understand or choose not to believe because they follow some false prophet – many other “events” have to be in place before that happens. Not to mention, American Christians are so spoiled – third world Christians have had to live under must worse conditions just to go to Church, read their bible, or go about their day-to-day living. I do not believe the covid-19 vaccine is the Mark of the Beast. The thing with this group is they start shunning you – they believe you are of the devil. It’s crazy. I’ve known many of these people for years. It is sad.

Basic all around Anti-Vaxxers

I know a couple of friends that fall into this category – usually, they have had a child or grandchild who has Autism – so now they under no condition whatsoever will ever trust a Pharmaceutical company again. I respect their stand. I may not agree that Autism was caused by their infant vaccines – then again, I just don’t know enough. My friends in this group, are still friends and this is their cause. It’s just that, this is all they talk about. You’ll be on one subject and then all of a sudden you find yourself going toward this subject matter. It’s exhausting.

Anti-Mandate/Medical freedom

These are freedom lovers – modern-day Patriots that refuse to be dictated to. Not all of them are so-called, “Trumpers” I happen to know of one Democrat who doesn’t like the way things are going and she was born and raised in Poland. She supports the freedom to choose for herself. Anti-Mandate crowds consist of many different groups for whatever their own personal reasons are, it is not any of the Government business to know any of them. I have the covid19 vaccine and will no doubt and reluctantly get the booster when Moderna comes out – but as an American, it doesn’t feel right, to have the Government dictate such matters to the people. More and more people (from the other groups) are starting to open their eyes – and realizing, this is not right. When you watch with your own eyes, the hypocrisy of the leaders taking photos with their masks on – just before they were mingling with a crowd – no social distancing and no masks. When illegal invaders cross over the border, and they are not “mandated” to get vaccines, as they are being dispersed around our country. Come on – that’s just plain old bullshit. This group to me seems to be the most well-rounded. There are kooks in every group, so you never fully get away from them.

Just-leave-me-the-hell-alone type people.

We have a lot of these folks in rural areas – I can totally relate. I just want to be left alone. Don’t tell me what to do. They are not lawless people. They just want to be left alone. Government inference in their lives doesn’t agree with their individual libertarianism. I find these people to be laid back and probably happier about their life. They are not fooled or ignorant by what is happening and they could at any time, join up with another group – but for right now, they are content. Just leave us the hell alone.

One thought on “People and GroupThink (vaccine mandates)

  1. Sparky October 10, 2021 / 10:43 am

    So sorry about your son. I hope he’ll be better soon. Poor guy. He must feel miserable.
    Well said. It is exhausting and, not referring to this post which I enjoyed reading, but I’m really tired of hearing about coronavirus that has been here for centuries and getting the experimental shots. All this hysteria truly started years ago with the flu shots. I refused one every year ’cause I have a good immune system not for any religious reason. Medical people were getting a little pushy over that too. Now it’s the plandemic crap. [excuse my language] I’m just tired of it. I’m the: Just-leave-me-the-heck-alone group and nobody gets hurt. *wink*
    Blessings to you all. xx


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