Sunday thoughts

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

When I first accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior I was 33 years old. I remember this verse in bible studies and wondered back then, how could this even happen? and here we are today, calling evil good and good evil. Right is wrong and wrong is right. The same thing and we are seeing is displayed every single day and at rapid speed.

We are living in the times that Isaiah the Prophet talked about. Morals have gone away – because they are bad and restrictive to living the sinful life that is the individual, “personal truth.” Everybody’s “truth” matters EXCEPT if you are a Christian. People now do what feels good to them.

Train up a Child…

I have been pleasantly surprised that my own adult children, who were “trained up” as Christians – who backslidden for many years are now finding their way back. One son told me, that I raised him right. To be able to recognize right from wrong; good vs evil. Wow, this coming from the son, who stole my car when he was 19 years old and wrecked it. I guess when I had him arrested did some good. Even though he vowed he would hate me forever. He went off for a couple of years – did some drugs and got into more trouble. Then one day, I get a phone call from a rehab halfway house in Sacramento. He was clean and sober and wanted to come home. He made his amends to me and thus started his journey back. He still had some rocky moments – and one more short stint in jail (6 days) but slowly he inched his way back home.

I wish he was attending a biblical fellowship but even churches are not a 100% guarantee you will be fed biblical truth. I live in Redding Ca – You know, Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, and Bethel Music. They have ruined my town. If you admit to being a Christian, you are automatically assumed you are a Bethelite. I can assure you I am no Bethelite. I attended one service when we first moved up here in 2008 and it was like a witch’s coven – people were quacking like ducks, strutting around, and then that holy laughter which is rude if you are trying to hear a message. I don’t want my sons to go to those types of churches.

Many churches here have gone WOKE – my home church in the bay area has gone Woke and that is so heartbreaking to me. I’m telling you, End Times, People.

I believe we still have a long way to go – many of my friends, believe we will get raptured out before it gets really bad. Okay, I get that. I am pre-trib. Although I don’t believe it is a salvational issue, we’ll just have to wait and see. One reason, I believe it will get worse and uncomfortable is how does one explain what is happening around the world with Christians? They already are living in hard times whereas American Christians honestly have no clue.

So gear up – times are going to get really bad and society will get even more perverted than it already is. In spite of it all, we should REJOICE. If we truly believe that Jesus is Lord, we have to continue to pray and help to bring others home, for the day of reckoning is almost here.

Peace with God