Just thinking

I’ve been feeling a bit down lately – about where our nation is heading. I think I am grieving. I am not the only one. My 2 sons, also told me they too, are going through a type of grieving. My youngest son, who I lovingly refer to as Navy, is sick about what is going on in the military. My other son, Foodie is depressed wondering what the future holds for him – he’ll be 41 in Nov. For that matter, I wonder what the future holds for me – I’ll be 68 in March. I just heard something on the radio as I was cleaning, that social security will take a 25% deduction by the year 2024. I sure hope I heard wrong.

I’ve totally distanced myself from old friends and family that we do not see eye to eye anymore. I never knew how many lefty friends and family I had. Of course, this is California – where Christian conservatives are a minority due to the mass exodus out. As I have said before, I don’t believe in leaving – or when I finally do I will be fleeing. Still too early to give up on California. I’d like to be a part of the solution. The last time I was with a family member by marriage, he brought up Trump and how much he hates him and such. Now mind you, what we were doing had nothing to do with Trump, or anything political. He was pushing my husband’s buttons. I hate that. It turns a nice time into walking on eggshells. They were both at fault. It’s that way all around. Everyone mentions politics for everything. Maybe I am grieving good, stress-free fellowship among good people. Seems everybody wants to tell me I am wrong and their way is the right way.

“Beautiful Day”

It would be a better day if Trump was in office.

“Beautiful Day”

Not if you voted for the orange man bad.

Life just isn’t what it used to be and I am grieving.

I tend to have my own way of thinking. My husband and I don’t agree 100% on politics. I’d say my husband is a right-winger. 20+ years in the military… He LOVED Trump from the get-go whereas, for me, I had to warm up to him and never really loved him. I did learn to appreciate him. and I did vote for him. I now see, where I do agree with him on many issues and I do believe I would be more hopeful for my future and the future of my children if he was still our President. My favorite task President Trump orchestrated was the Abraham Accord. That will be his legacy. I also liked how he was for the little guy. Having lived in Silicon Valley till 2008, I can tell you what an elitist place that was – and trying to raise a family in the midst of all of that was a challenge. I have a “little guy” mentality – my boys took public transportation to school while their friends drove BMWs to school. I found, most of their friends’ parents to be snobs. Yet they were liberal democrats and they were supposedly for the little guy. I never saw that! When my mom died in 2008, and my sister and I inherited the house, the husband and I jumped at the chance to relocate to a more rural area of California. I have never regretted it.

My political default tends to lean liberal democrat. My parents were liberal. I take things in, and 50% of the time I have to stop and re-think more conservatively. At least I am at 50% – I believe I do tend to be more liberal socially and am fiscally conservative. I know, I do not trust a bigger Government – so that right there disqualifies me for being a democrat! (As if I care) I don’t believe in conspiracy theories – my husband says he doesn’t, but he does. He is much more radical than I am. Of course, temperament has a lot to do with that. I am soft-spoken and quiet-natured and he is more flamboyant. Opposites attract.

Writing things down for me is therapy. Only God knows how I am. Even I can’t say, I know who I am much of the time. At age 67 I am still changing. I just know what I like – I know what I want – I know what I believe in. I know what I don’t like. And I know I am not a Democrat. Or a Republican for that matter even though I do vote Republican. I like being a free-thinking Independent.

Oh well – I feel better after pounding out what is in my head in a blog post – and it beats mumbling to myself all day.

One thought on “Just thinking

  1. Sparky October 1, 2021 / 11:43 am

    Boy, do I sympathize and empathize with this. Grieving for a lost loved one is how I’ve been feeling lately too. Sometimes I walk around like I’m trying to move around in wet cement emotionally. My “drug” of choice is motorcycling. After a ride I feel so good. Oh, and I do read God’s Holy Word and pray, try to be kind to others, etc., like I’m sure you do too. What’s helping me get by is to stop reading or watching almost any kind of news that isn’t uplifting. And very seldom do I mention any politics anymore unless someone wants to talk civilly about it.
    As you also know, our Country, and the world, needs Jesus. Until many more citizens give their hearts to Him, we’ll be circling the drain. It’s just the way things are.
    Jesus is comin’ back soon. Keep lookin’ up and be joyful. He hasn’t forgotten any of us.
    Blessings. xx


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