Things that make me go, “Hmmmm.”

How is it, that our southern border is open – and all of these people are coming through, without having to be vaccinated? How come people don’t see this as a problem? I’m baffled, to say the least –

Yet if you are an American, you are practically required to get the vaccine.

Now before you get your panties in a bunch, I am fully vaccinated – as if it is any of your business. Because really, it is NOT your business to know who is vaccinated and who is not. So, I was nice enough to let you know. I had no problem in getting the Jab – I have lung scarring – my husband has heart issues and we don’t want to get it. Maybe we were wrong in getting it – maybe not. As Hilary Clinton once said, “what difference does it make?” Exactly. It’s done and over with.

I will say, they have lost their credibility but not addressing to the American people, the science in allowing these illegals (yes I said illegal) into our country unvaccinated. Especially when they are blaming the “unvaccinated Americans” for the spread. So would that, included the unvaccinated illegals? Somehow, I don’t believe it does.

No one sees the hypocrisy?

No one sees the political bias?

No one will speak out against it due to political correctness. They are afraid that when and if they do, they will get bullied. That is correct. That will happen. It’s happened to me.

Now when you stop and really think about that – does it all really make sense to you? Or are you truly hopelessly biased; fueled by Trump Hate?

I feel sorry for you.

Move along; there is nothing to see here

PS. Regarding the “whips” by the border control. First, let me ask you a question. Have you ever ridden a horse? If you have, then you know you have to have reins to steer the horse this way or that way. In mounted police situations, they tend to have longer reins to protect the horse – from accidental injury of the human. Or to protect said human, from being stepped on. Horses are BIG animals. They are a flight animal. If they get spooked, (fright) they can take off (Flight) and can be hard to control. If you are in their way, it could be dangerous.

So stop being so ignorant – and reactionary – the Haitians were not being whipped. Granted, the photo did look terrible (but then again, that was the whole idea) but it wasn’t what you wanted to see. It wasn’t that the media is saying who mostly likely have never riden a horse or even took the time to observe a working horse in action.

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