94% No to 89% Yes

Daddy’s Girl

As if there was ever a chance. That is what bugs me about those who do not understand California. We are a deep blue state. It’s been this way for years. So to get all excited that we could win, was pointless at least for me. I don’t like it but with cowards leaving the state – because that is what they are, California will always be a one-party state. I was always taught if you love something, you fight for it. You don’t put your tail between your legs and run. I love my state. Yeah, I get mad at it and there is a lot wrong with it, but it is also a lot right with California. I would be a fish out of the water if I left California.

My parents were liberal democrats – I grew up in San Francisco for a while and then down the coast. My mom was more liberal than my dad. The older Mom got, the more radical she became and the older my Dad got, the more he identified with his Tennessee roots. He also had just re-accepted Jesus as his savior before he passed. His first time was at a Billy Graham Crusade up in Seattle Washinton, during the early 1950s. Mom didn’t like any organized or disorganized religion although she claimed to be a Christian. I never attended church with either of my parents. They would send me off with friends or drop me off at Sunday school.

Anyway, Dad always told me to “question everything” which I do – and I am always called from both sides a “devil’s advocate.” I have been blessed to be able to actually see both sides of an issue. From there I make my own decisions. Dad told me to not be a follower – and I am not. I have always done my own thing. I think for myself. Dad also told me things like “When there is a democrat in office, we go to war.” Hmmm. Dad also told me, to stay and fight for California. Sure it’s an uphill battle. I do believe there is a younger generation who is waking up to the hypocrisy of the California ruling class. I may not see it in my life but my children might.

What outsiders don’t get is that California is ruled by San Francisco Bay Area politics (from which I came from) who created such notables as Gavin, Pelosi, and Kamala Harris. Dianne Feinstein, but I believe she is pretty much comatose – no one has seen or heard from her. Even Barbara Boxer (another San Franciscan) has recently said, that Dianne needs to retire. Then there is the Los Angeles metropolitan area and Sacramento. The San Diego area used to be a conservative area but is in flux as well as Orange County. The rest of the state is as red as red can be. Most of the state is semi-rural to downright rural. I happen to live in a red rural county. But we are not entirely red. The blues are starting to come in. I notice it. And it would surprise you, that I am not entirely opposed to that. They are Americans too. We just don’t agree. I actually prefer balance as long as it is fair. That’s the issue. It isn’t always fair. My political views are not all one-sided. I am a blend – but do consider myself a conservative. In any other state, however, many would believe I am a liberal.

I suspect most people are probably like me but they let the bullies from each side, intimidate them. I’m sure there are many democrats who at times, have some conservative views – and vise versa. Due to my liberal upbringing, my default thinking usually is liberal in some things. So yeah, I have to stop and think and do my research. The reason I don’t vote Democrat in state or federal elections is I just don’t agree with their platform. And there is no one in the Democrat party I respect. I find them to be elitist…you know, like our Governor.

Oh well, I haven’t lost any sleep over the recall election. That’s California!