Just a few rants.

I’m irritated. I have been waiting now for almost a month, to be scheduled for my cataract surgery. I called today. They are backlogged. Apparently, for whatever reason, they had to reschedule 37 people and I will just have to wait till they finish that. I’m looking at it by the end of the month just to get on the upcoming schedule. It could be Octo or even Nov before I can get this done. I also asked her about closing up for lockdown like they did last year and she told me that was a very real possibility. I did get scheduled for a doctor’s appointment to go over the MRI on my shoulder. Yes, I have a torn rotator cup. We will go over the best treatment at that appointment. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if I end up having surgery on my shoulder before cataracts.

I am so sick of Covid and all the bull that seems to go along with it. My county keeps saying we are running out of beds, and my daughter-in-law says that is not true and she works the covid ward. I am having a difficult time trying to find out the actual number of deaths this year. They keep using the total deaths from when the pandemic started. I want to know, how many people in my county have died this year! 2021. Not last year. That way I can gauge for myself.

Why is that so hard for them to do? You would think they have something to hide.

We had 234 deaths in Shasta County in 2020. I am unable to find the number of deaths for this year. They won’t provide it for you – you have to do your own math. Nightly on the news, they tell us, “2++” deaths in Shasta County.” So people get upset but they are adding in 2020 to confuse you and keep you off the path.

Last year early on, I decided not to follow the day-by-day reports. I don’t need to know how many have died every day. I also have always found it to be unproductive for the way I think and process information to list every person who gets a test. Why? If I get it, unless I run into some complications, I doubt I will even get a test. I’m hardly ever sick so I will know.

I’m just rambling on – I’m pissed and I am sick of it and I am sick of who we have in the WH.

I’m just not in a good way this afternoon.