Where has all the Labor gone?

It’s supposed to be Labor Day – but where are the laborors? In my area, there are worker shortages in just about every industry. The most alarming are in healthcare –

My daughter-in-law is a nurse at the hospital – she works in the Covid ward. Not the C-ICU just where they go and spend a day or so, getting oxygen treatments, and then they send them home. They converted the “Short Stay” into the Covid ward. I asked her about the bed shortage I am hearing about on the news – at which she replied,

“The only shortage that is a major problem is the lack of nursing staff and medical personnel”

Sept 30 is the last day for the vaccine mandate or else they lose their jobs with no unemployment. Many are quitting – throwing away their careers. Both my sons, also work in Care facilities. Navy works at the Veterans Home and he said they have had 17 people quit in one month! My other son, Foodie said 11 personnel quit in a month.

My daughter-in-law also told me there is a problem with incoming, recently graduated nurses who refuse to do certain jobs; like work in the covid ward. Even the Environmental services, that are responsible for taking out the garbage, are bucking up. I mean come on now – you already knew going into this, you would be responsible for disposing of hospital environmental waste.

Besides the medical industry – you see it everywhere in town. Shelves are bare. I don’t buy my food at Walmart but when I was there the other day, I noticed the meat counter was bare. It’s a combination of workers not wanting to work and the supply chain is all messed up. What is up with that?

I don’t usually agree with Kamala Harris but I do believe she gave some insight into what we have to look forward to – she mentioned starting our Christmas Shopping now – not so much that we’ll be in lockdown but because of the lack of willing workers and the supply chain.

Gone are the glory days of the Proud American Worker. Now we have spoiled workers who basically want to get paid for doing nothing.

PS. My son, Foodie was bucking up to the vaccine mandate but decided he cannot afford to not have a job. So he received his first injection. However he used this time, watching how people were refusing to work, and 11 people leaving to ask for a raise at which he did recieve! That’s my boy!

Char finally decided that the Mark of the Beast was not in the vaccine and went ahead and got her first dose. The only one who has not received the vaccine is my daughter-in-law, the nurse. They are trying to get pregnant and she doesn’t care if they say it is healthy for pregnant women, she is adamant about not getting it. I don’t know how that is going to work out for her. She has till Sept 30.

So Happy Labor Day – go out and enjoy the picnics and the barbeques – the shopping and the company gatherings –

We’re heading in for some hard times.