I have to apologize

I’ve only been here on WordPress for less than a week. The other evening I decided to start publishing my 2020 posts to date from Blogger. The problem is when I was getting ready to transfer my blogger blog, I drafted everything. I completed the transfer here to WordPress but it all came in as a draft.

I noticed in my email, that I had a bunch of posts – I didn’t realize they would be sent to everybody. I thought I could just add them and since they were backdated, they wouldn’t be clogging up everyone’s email or feed, so sorry about that!

So far I like it here – there are some twerky things that I come up against here when writing a post – those blocks are a bit annoying but I am learning their worth. I just apply good old fashion trial and error and I usually can figure it out. That’s how I learn best. I’m hands-on – I just do it and figure it out while I am doing it.

I am also finding many more bloggers over here to follow. That’s good because I do enjoy reading other blogs and it shows me we all haven’t died out just yet. I had been considering WordPress for a few years, but just got lazy and didn’t feel like learning something new. Blogger made it easy for me, with too many features taken away. The writing is on the wall over there – they are on their way out, but just don’t want to come out and say it. Eliminating the FeedBurner email widget was not good and had people scrambling. I’ve lost a few followers. It’s not like I had this huge following anyway, although the negative Trools sure like me. At least over here they can’t just dump and run with their mean comments annonomously. They have to register with an email.

I do have to thank you for bearing with me on here as I am learning.

2 thoughts on “I have to apologize

  1. Sparky September 3, 2021 / 2:04 pm

    Hey, no problem. Take your time. It took me awhile to learn all the ins and outs of WP. Simply Linda is a wiz-bang kid on this site. Any questions, ask her. And I’m a trial and error kinda person too. Good luck! You’ll get it and it’ll all be fun from there.
    Blessings. xx


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