Good Morning!

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It’s good to be back drinking my coffee once again after being off of it for 8 months. It really gives me that kick in the butt feeling, I need in the morning. I missed that. 

We’re back to the heat and the smoke. Yesterday was 109 and today is supposed to be 108. But then, “they” tell us after this, our temps will drop into the 90’s and some 80’s. I haven’t seen 80 degrees in a few months. 

There are so many fires –

The fire close to Tahoe has everyone afraid. It is a beautiful place but has been built up since I was a kid. I hardly recognize it anymore. 

The Dixie fire to the east of us has come into eastern Shasta County. Lassen National Park has been hit. The damage has been undetermined because they just can’t get in there to access it. To fires to the west of us, are threatening Weaverville – It’s just terrible. 

Yesterday I received a text alert that there was a fire close to where my son Navy and his wife live. It was a structure fire that had spread to a couple of houses and then onto the green belt, threatening many more homes. It took them a couple of hours to knock it out due to some wind behavior. Planes, helicopters dropping retardant, and water – inside city limits was quite a sight. 

I have to wonder though about what is in that retardant. I wonder if years from now they will tell us that it causes cancer or something like that? Oh well, it’s either that or let the fire wipe out our forests, cities, and towns. 

One thought on “Good Morning!

  1. Sparky August 29, 2021 / 11:16 am

    So sorry the fires and heat are continuing. It must seem like a really long Summer this time.
    I’m a big coffee drinker now that we’re eating Keto (no sugar/low carbs). I fast through lunch and drinking keeps me from feeling hungry. Really helps. Plus, I need that butt kick in the morning. Puts a smile on my face for sure.
    Sending Prayers & Blessings. xx


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