Here I am

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It is going to take me awhile to get a feel for WordPress. The theme, the design, fonts etc. doesn’t really matter much to me so please bear with me.

Even though I did import my old blog here – I’ve decided to just let it be. I was so upset when I was closing out my blog, that I accidently “drafted” all the posts – which only the last 2 showed up – the rest would have to be republished again – one by one. I’m not doing that.

Maybe one day when I have nothing better to do – I can revisit the older posts but then again, why? I’m supposed to be starting over here.

I’m fine with my fluffy house blog – and really wanted to keep that, free from my opinions and definitely the drama. I think I have finally defined for myself, that this blog is where need I let down my hair – I need that, regardless if anyone reads it or not.

I should have done this a long time ago when Blogger started with all their changes.