The California Recall Election

Sept 14 is a special Recall Election here in California. As a Californian, I remember the last recall of Governor Gray Davis, the first successful recall of a Governor. There have been 55 attempts throughout California\’s history to recall a Governor. So the odds are against, this recall being successful and with a cost of 215 million dollars to the taxpayer, some would say this is unnecessary and wasteful. 

Two million voters were able to get this to the California voters. I don\’t see it as a waste. I see it as part of the democratic process. However, it isn\’t a slam dunk with 22.5 million registered voters in the state.  – 10.5 million democrat voters, (46.1%) 5.33 million Republicans (24.2%), and 5.28 million are independents or declined to state a party preference. (24%) Other parties make up the rest. 

I\’ve read and heard recently, from mainstream national news that Newsom\’s recall is all due to the lockdowns for Covid 19 last year.  NOT TRUE. The recall petition was introduced in February 2020 – BEFORE the lockdowns even though they have added it to their long list of grievances in the final petition. Many Californians from both parties are angry with our homeless crisis that is not being solved,  costing the taxpayer billions of dollars – for nothing.  We have a terrible drug problem that is killing our young people. We have an illegal immigration problem – and failure to arrest criminal illegals. Our cities are dangerous.  Failing to do something about the many illegal Marijuana farms that are springing up in our state; polluting our land and our water.  Removing protections of our Prop 13, restricting parental rights, and siphoning water from the farmers which many are closing down. HIGH Taxes and regulations are keeping California businesses restrained. Yeah,  It\’s not all Newsom\’s doing – I\’ll give you that. Brown was a huge part of this, too. The Covid lockdowns were Newsom\’s death nail. The French Laundry scandal, the closing of California wineries, yet his winery stays open, locking out California children from school while his children are attending school and enjoying extracurricular activities that the rest of the state cannot do. Our mismanagement of forests and wildfire prevention. Our low quality of life. You don\’t believe that? Come to California and talk to real hardworking people trying to work and pay their rent. Most can no longer purchase a home.  Come on, now – that pisses people off. It\’s that \”rules for thee but not for me\” attitude. Aren\’t our government leaders public servants? They don\’t act like it anymore. They are gods – elitists who RULE. 

But still, even with all the homelessness, etc, there are a great many who love him. They can\’t blame Republicans, however.  We have 31 Democratic senators and 9 Republicans. State Assembly has 59 Democrats to 19 Republicans. Clearly, anyone who has a brain can see, the Democrats in the office are doing NOTHING to address our issues. But still, there are some, who are so open-minded that their brains have fallen out when it comes to our handsome Governor. (He\’s not my type -too much of a pretty boy – I like manly men – LOL) 

So will he be voted out? Well, back in 2003 I was shocked when Gray Davis was recalled and Arnold was voted in. We needed a change. We need a change now but I am not optimistic that this recall will work. The odds and that this is a left-leaning progressive state.  And when this is over and he is still our Governor, his RATH will be fierce. Just wait and see…

Note: This is my opinion. I am an Independent voter who doesn\’t hate Newsom at all like some do.  (my husband and my sons) I don\’t love him either. He pisses me off at times and other times he seems kinda fair although I don\’t trust him. I do feel it would be nice to have a change so I am voting to recall. Now, who will I be voting for? I don\’t know yet. It\’s a long list. 

5 thoughts on “The California Recall Election

  1. Anonymous August 20, 2021 / 3:59 pm

    Good luck on the recall. Like you, I don't hold out much hope for California's future. We all need new leadership that believes in God and seeks His wisdom. They sure are in short supply these days.Blessings. xx


  2. Anonymous August 20, 2021 / 11:06 pm

    He is a handsome man, for a politician.


  3. Anonymous August 21, 2021 / 2:47 am

    Yuck, like I said, not my type. I much prefer that Navy Seal guy, Dan Crenshaw with the eye patch. He's sexy.


  4. Anonymous August 21, 2021 / 3:11 pm

    Every day, if and when I watch the evening news, I say to myself …’ what the heck has happened to beautiful California? ‘ We talk about moving to another state all the time now….where to go? Anywhere but California.Sad. V


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