Gas prices and contentious times

No buyer\’s remorse here for purchasing a new EV-Hybrid in June. We still haven\’t filled up since June 5 when we drove out of the lot with a full tank of gasoline in our new car.  Yeah, it sucks that our huge downpayment wasn\’t able to cover the whole amount of the car – It sucks we had to finance $8000 of it. But it\’s good that my husband got a part-time job in order to pay the car off early and fix up the tent trailer. The monthly electric costs for plugging in the car every night are minimal. I was shocked, in a good way. 

I saw that gas prices around the rest of the country are starting to get high. High gas prices only hit the news when it bothers the rest of the country, even though here on the west coast and especially California, we\’ve been dealing with it for quite some time. 

Regardless, I still wish gas prices would drop because we\’re all paying for the high prices in additional food costs and everything else. I went to 2 places to grocery shop earlier in the week, and the shelves were bare like it was during the height of the pandemic. I am not hopeful for what is to come in a few months. We might be in for some hard times. 

Different strokes for different folks

Earlier in the week, our Healthcare Workers Union was protesting mandatory vaccines that the state has mandated as of October 1.  Foodie is the union rep for his care facility and many are threatening to quit their jobs. Foodie has not had the vaccine not because he is an anti-vaxer – he tends to be rebellious. He\’s always been this way. He bucks up to authority all his life. I love him to pieces and he\’s a good man but he does what he wants. Maybe that is why he is an effective union representative. He is not afraid to speak his mind and to stand up for what he thinks is right. Now mind you, I said, \”what he thinks is right.\” Not what I think and definitely not what you think…

Now Navy is the opposite – he and his wife had covid – both being front-line healthcare workers. Both of them worked on the covid wards at their prospective places. Navy got the vaccine; even though at the time it was said that if you had it, to wait. He got it because having served in the military, you go in and you are required to get all these shots and vaccines. On the other hand, his wife is not happy with the vaccine. They are trying to get pregnant and she doesn\’t trust it. 

Poor Char, won\’t get the vaccine because she believes what other people tell her – She is very frightened of the vaccine, and her dad and I have tried to reassure her but she clams up. She\’s stubborn, too. I\’m surprised she hasn\’t gotten it yet. I believe she thinks it is all a farce and she can totally escape it somehow. It\’s frustrating. I was hoping the people who help her due to her disability would talk to her. They haven\’t that I know of. 

I believe the reason why people are not getting it, is mostly because of poor marketing. I used to be in sales. The whole marketing pitch for the vaccine has been all over the place as well as the wearing of masks. The healthcare workers here in California worked during the pandemic – they showed up every day – they were there. (and never got a proper thank you from our governor) And some of them got it and some of them didn\’t at all, like my son, Foodie. He never got it. They tested him twice a week. It\’s crazy how that is. They don\’t mind wearing a mask – they used to do that if they didn\’t get their flu shots. I don\’t know but we sure are in contentious times. 

I honestly can see both sides. I know when Foodie was an infant he always got a high fever after his baby boosters until the pediatrician started giving his shots in half doses. He\’d go in for the 2nd 1/2 dose the next week. That seems to work. He still would have a low-grade fever and a rash but he wasn\’t having the dangerously high fever. Foodie had a lot of food allergies – and still does to this day. So he\’s a bit more cautious about what he puts into his body. Will, he quit his job? I hope not. The state has already told them, if they don\’t get the vaccine, they will lose their job and will be ineligible for unemployment benefits. 

I predict after this California vaccine mandate goes through, there will be some who will leave the healthcare industry. There will be a nursing shortage, which here in my area we\’re already experiencing at our two local hospitals. It\’s just not a good time to be a senior citizen. 

Yep, times are changing and it\’s not good. 

8 thoughts on “Gas prices and contentious times

  1. Anonymous August 14, 2021 / 3:02 am

    I enjoy your blog…wouldn’t it be sad if kids refused to have school vaccines…sad…


  2. Anonymous August 14, 2021 / 1:20 pm

    Gas prices in my area are 3.29 now. I was in Illionois yesterday and it was 3.09. Your's are awful! I'm glad the car is working out.I know a lot of medical people were worried about the vaccine not being tested. I was one of them, but after some time passed, I did get it. I'm not worried about it anymore, but I do have a hard time with them mandating it. People should be able to decide on their own if they want it.


  3. Anonymous August 14, 2021 / 5:57 pm

    There are valid arguments for avoiding the jab, after all it has still only been approved on an emergency basis. Possible long term effects are more scary if you have a long term prospective. I'm 75 and way more likely to take a chance on the vaccine than someone who is 25. Not saying I agree, but I do understand.


  4. Anonymous August 14, 2021 / 10:58 pm

    The cost of petrol is high here too, $1.60 per liter


  5. Anonymous August 15, 2021 / 7:00 pm

    I used to know a hippie gal who is an rabid anti-vaxer after her son was diagnosed with Autism. She moved out of California and into Oregon so she wouldn't have to vaccine her 2 kids. I have to wonder what she is feeling now.


  6. Anonymous August 15, 2021 / 7:01 pm

    I hope my son gets it. Losing a good job at age 41, isn't smart thinking.


  7. Anonymous August 15, 2021 / 7:04 pm

    Yeah I get that. I too don't mind taking a chance. I'm just not afraid of it like others are. No one likes to be forced to do anything so that is one of the main reason for the push back from the unvaccinated. I wish there was a solution that all could agree on without stomping on personal rights.


  8. Anonymous August 15, 2021 / 7:06 pm

    Hmmm about $6 a gal?


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