An explosive day of fire

Yesterday we decided to stay close to home, due to the many fires and the smoke that have surrounded us. Air quality was bad in certain places so we decided to take in a movie and go out to eat afterward. I haven\’t been to the movies in quite a while – nothing appealed to me but the husband wanted to see Jungle Cruise. My husband liked it – it was okay. A bit long. The computerized special effects were really good – and a lot of snakes. It\’s 3-D so we had to wear those glasses. That\’s always a trip!

When we were headed home, we saw this big cloud in front of us. First I thought it was a thunderhead but sadly, no. It was from the Dixie fire blowing up. 

It spread into the nearby historic town of Greenville and consumed practically the whole town. Greenville was next on my list to visit. I\’ve been there many times but the husband has not. It also was a historic gold rush/logging town and had many old buildings. This was on Main St. 

I\’m a senti\”mental\” slob – what can I say? I remember some awesome summers with my 3 little boys, exploring the towns of Wildwood, Greenville, and Chester while camping at Lake Almanor. There was a hiking trail called three sisters – that we used to hike. I lovingly referred to it as \”The three Brothers Trail\” and at one time, I wanted to scatter Michael\’s ashes there but when we drove up a few years ago, the trail was gone. They had put in new campgrounds where the trail had been. The whole area there just has my heart – as it was a favorite place for my boys and me. 

I wish I was hardhearted. I wish I didn\’t allow these tragic losses to our forests, the innocent wild animals, and small towns to get to me. I wish I just didn\’t care anymore. I haven\’t heard of any fatalities as of yet. I even got back on Facebook, just so I could follow the fire groups I belonged to. They had called for immediate evacuations but many people refused to leave. Then another evacuation in Chester was called telling people to get to the high school field asap. 

I don\’t know why people refuse to evacuate. I read where one old guy said his property had been in his family for 3 generations and he wouldn\’t leave – he would die there. It reminded me of the old guy (Harry R Truman) who lived at Spirit Lake in Washington State – he was told to evacuate when Mt St. Helen erupted. He believed he would have the time to escape. His niece wrote, 

\”The man who survived the torpedoing of a troopship off Ireland in World War I, now lies buried in his home with his favorite cats beneath hundreds of feet of mud, ash, and rocks. \”He used to say that\’s my mountain and my lake and he would say those are my arms and my legs,\” Rosen said. \”If he would have seen it the way it is now, I don\’t think he would have survived.\”

Yesterday the closest fire to us was at Whiskeytown Lake – The House Fire just about 15 miles from us was contained by nightfall. Of course, we had no idea – we were in the theater. You can see the burn scar on the mountains from the 2018 Carr Fire. That\’s the thing here – I just don\’t want to go too far away from my animals when fires are close and the winds shift. 

Today we are socked in with smoke – we have 2 fires here in Shasta Co – not to mention all the others that are surrounded by smoke. We\’re not in any danger but the smoke makes it appear to be overcast – plus not good for the lungs! 

The fire over in Trinity County has grown exponentially since we were there last week. The television keeps interrupting with evacuation notices, for Lassen National Park which shut down both its entrances due to the Dixie Fire. 

And to think we\’ve still a long way to go – Most of these fires won\’t be out till our first substantial rain, mid-fall. 

7 thoughts on “An explosive day of fire

  1. Anonymous August 6, 2021 / 2:08 am

    My heart goes out to the people of Greenville, and to all the others affected by the fires ~


  2. Anonymous August 6, 2021 / 2:40 am

    When I saw the news about the fires, I thought of you and hoped you were safe. It's hard to understand people who won't evacuate. Do they not take it seriously?Love,Janie


  3. Anonymous August 6, 2021 / 1:23 pm

    Gosh, that's so sad about Greenville. My heart reaches out to them in prayer. I could almost smell the smoke too. It reminds me when our area had a bad drought and the Okefenokee Swamp near Waycross was on fire. It was awful. Prayers for a quick restoration and lots of rain. But, not too much. Don't want landslides on top of everything else.Y'all be careful.Blessings. xx


  4. Anonymous August 6, 2021 / 9:48 pm

    Mostly these people who refuse to evacuate are older seniors who are stubborn and think they can fight their own battles. Some of them were even pulling out their guns to the firefighters who were there to save their lives.


  5. Anonymous August 6, 2021 / 9:49 pm

    The smoke is so bad today we have to stay inside. It hurts my chest just to be outside.


  6. Anonymous August 6, 2021 / 11:50 pm

    So sad to see the devastation on the faces of the survivors.


  7. Anonymous August 7, 2021 / 12:42 am

    Oh my this is not good, fires are scary shit


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