Happy 26th of July!

I am counting down the days till Fall. I have had it with summer. 58 Days till Wednesday, September 22, 2021

It is getting to be, that summer is my least favorite season, due to wildfires. I can handle the heat. The fires worry me even if they are not near to where I am at. Just the fact that our beautiful forests are burning down – animals dying and fleeing their habitats – not to mention people losing their properties, etc. The unhealthy air we breathe every summer has most people inside.  It\’s not fun anymore unless you are on the coast. Then it\’s cold and breezy.

Next summer I am hoping we\’ll be at the coast camping in our renovated tent trailer. – but can\’t stay away too long for fear of wildfire in my area. Summer vacations are pretty much out. The best time to leave home for an extended amount of time is early Spring, late Fall, and Winter.

I get a little down when I get up in the morning and it\’s dim with smoke. It\’s like it\’s overcast. This weekend, no one was out. No one walking their dogs, no children playing. It\’s sad and I\’ve noticed all the plants and trees have ash on them as well as walkways, my roof, my house all needs good rain to wash it down. We can\’t use our water for such – we do take our new car to the car wash once a month and the car is garaged. I feel bad for my old van – she has to sit out in the driveway now – exposed to the elements; the heat, sun, and dirty ash/grit that is in the air. 

It just sucks and I am tired of it. Tuesday the forecast shows 81 degrees and a 40% chance of thunderstorms but mostly in the mountains, which we don\’t need. Lately, our rain consists of very little moisture and a lot of lightning strikes. Then the temps will start up again to 111, 108, 109 blah blah blah. Yesterday and today were 106 and smoky. 

It\’s a good thing we didn\’t sod our lawn this year –  it\’s a little green with a lot of dirt patches. We\’ve cut down watering to every 3 days. Once your lawn gets used to that, it will be fine. The people who water every day – are the ones losing their lawns. 

A neighbor up the street is putting in a pool. Good for them but now is not the time to be filling up that pool. My friend Margie lives in an unincorporated community 11 miles from my town. They are running out of water. It\’s so bad people are having to sell off their livestock and there goes their income.  They will be purchasing water from my town, which has senior water rights. I also read that our underground water exceeds the amount in Lake Shasta on a good year. So we have water. Let me say, the photos that the media uses are man-made lakes and reservoirs which are managed poorly due to environmental pressures. The reason why livestock will die is the save the salmon.  You hike up to natural lakes and they are not as parched. It\’s bad water management.