Lake Britton and summer fun (rattlesnakes)

Wednesday after the Falls we went over to Lake Britton – a reservoir surrounded by PG&E Land, Forest Service Land, and McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park.

It was all I could do, to keep myself jumping off that dock into the clear crisp mountain water. 

The truth is, I have grown to the age that I only like sparkling clean pools. I no longer think it\’s fun to have something unknown, brush past me when I am swimming in a lake and the squishy bottom of the lake is bothersome to me. Sometimes it\’s sand or mud and there are some lakes that have rocks. Big ones, sharp ones, and pebbles. 

At best, I will wade in it. (with swim shoes on) 

I\’ve swum next to rattlesnakes when I was a kid – that freaked me out when I realized it. You never saw someone shoot out of the lake so fast – while the dads are sitting around laughing and the moms are screaming.  That was at Trinity Lake. Best family camping trip as a kid. I learned to water ski there. 

Summer Fun at the lake was so much more fun when we were kids. Ignorance in this case is bliss. I loved using a big old tractor tire tube to float around in. Sometimes we\’d float across the lake if it wasn\’t congested with water skiers and ski boats.  Sometimes a dead animal would float by, and we\’d all check it out and swim on. 

So now, all I do is sit BY the shoreline – relax and look for birds or watch for rattlesnakes skimming the top of the lake.

Watch OUT! 

This past Memorial weekend on Whiskeytown lake (my favorite lake) there were reports of them swimming. Forest Service said they are just going from point A to B and to just let them be. It\’s not a common sight but they also like to cool off so it\’s not that rare to see them if you dare to look. 

As long as you don\’t hamper their journey across the lake, all is fine. 

I felt sorry for this rattlesnake that was tired of swimming and wanted to hitch a ride on this boat! 

11 thoughts on “Lake Britton and summer fun (rattlesnakes)

  1. Anonymous July 25, 2021 / 4:43 pm

    If a rattlesnake–or any other snake–got on the boat, I would get off.Love,Janie


  2. Anonymous July 25, 2021 / 5:20 pm

    Sounds like we had similar childhoods. I grew up in Central Florida and there were *gulp* alligators and water moccasins swimming there! Don't care to do that now. Much prefer something safer, like, a pool. Wonderful photos.Blessings. xx


  3. Anonymous July 25, 2021 / 9:00 pm

    We don't have water moccasins here but my brother who lives in Alabama has them in his creek – he doesn't go down there unless he has his gun on him. They are territorial from what I have heard -whereas a rattlesnake is not as bad as everyone thinks unless it is cornered or feels threatened. Alligators – oh my, I can't imagine.


  4. Anonymous July 25, 2021 / 11:12 pm

    It looks like such a beautiful lake! I am like you though, because I much prefer a pool. And snakes in the water is a frightful thought!


  5. Anonymous July 26, 2021 / 2:17 am

    I remember swimming in murky water. Good memories. There was one swimming holes that the hippies stripped and swam naked during the Byron Pop Festival in 1969. That swimming area was for guys growing up. My brother swam there until one day he was in the water and there was a huge turd floating towards him. He never swam there again.Now, I swim in pools. But I love water.


  6. Anonymous July 26, 2021 / 4:19 pm

    Watched the video, most of it, and that snake wasn't giving up easily. I never knew that rattlesnakes enjoyed swimming as only pictured them on land in hot dry areas. Sort of makes me happy I don't like swimming. Interesting to read about the dads laughing and moms screaming when you were swimming as a kid in Trinity Lake.


  7. Anonymous July 26, 2021 / 10:37 pm

    Snakes are scary shit


  8. Anonymous July 30, 2021 / 9:55 pm

    Hmmmm that sounds interesting Ann.


  9. Anonymous July 30, 2021 / 9:56 pm

    oh that's funny about the floating turd. I've seen that a few times too.


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