Last year was a wash when it came to keeping up with doctor appointments.  This year was  \”catch-up\” time for me. I just returned from the eye doctor and I will finally be getting my cataracts taken care of. Oh, fun. The macular nerve behind my eye is great. 99 on one eye and 100 on the other, so that is a good thing. I knew a lady who had macular degeneration and went totally blind. She had a few months to get prepared  – and went to a place where she stayed for a few weeks to re-learn everything so that she would be able to get by.  From what I have heard, she\’s doing great with a wonderful attitude. 

The procedure only takes 10-15 minutes. It should be interesting. I will be awake when the procedure is done. It is AMAZING what they can do nowadays. 

Actually, Cataract surgery has been around for ages. They\’ve just perfected it in recent times.  Ancient Babylonia, Greece, and Egypt performed a form of cataract surgeries. The Islamic world, India and Western Africa also performed cataract surgeries during ancient times. It was referred to as \”couching.\”

I tell you I feel like an old car and I\’m going through a mini overhaul. It will be nice to see again. 

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  1. Anonymous July 15, 2021 / 12:21 am

    My step mom just had cataract surgery and my sister did about 6 months ago. They said it was so much easier than they thought and they can see so well now.My Dad has macular degeneration, as do many on his side of the family. It's nasty and I pray it doesn't come to me.


  2. Anonymous July 15, 2021 / 2:35 am

    I worked at a come & go {same day} surgery place where we did TONS of cataract surgeries ~ please have no fears!Just be aware ~ as one of our eye surgeons always used to tell his patients ~ \”Itchy, scratchy, blurry {first day or so after surgery} ~ no worries\”All that is normal.All best luck!!


  3. Anonymous July 15, 2021 / 2:57 am

    Is it done in a hospital or the optometrist's office? It's amazing that it's done so quickly. Do you have a date for it?Love,Janie


  4. Anonymous July 15, 2021 / 12:17 pm

    Both of us had the lens replacement surgery a few years ago before the plandemic due to cataracts. I had had multiple cortisone shots from the neck pain which can cause cataracts (so I've read). As I recall, it only took about 15-20 minutes for the actual procedure. 'Course the prep time is another matter. I guess you've been told what to expect with all the eye drops and wearing the eye patch for a bit and such? Be sure to follow it to the letter. It helps to ensure a good outcome. And our eye doc said that some people get that glazing over the lens after the surgery and it has to be lazered off. It happened to me but not Steve. Doc lazered it and it was over. Easy peazy. Now all I have to use to read are cheap readers of 1.75 power. No more expensive eye glasses that keep getting stronger and stronger. That's a Big Plus! Prayers for a speedy recovery!Blessings. xx


  5. Anonymous July 15, 2021 / 11:20 pm

    I have a thing about eyes and the thought of eye surgery would freak me out


  6. Anonymous July 16, 2021 / 3:54 pm

    I had my cataracts done two years ago. The bigest difference after surgery was how bright everything was and how different colors were. I discovered that my beige robe was actually pink!


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