The social security office and Covid19

Yesterday the husband went into the office for training. He filled out papers and came back home during his lunch to get his social security card. We couldn\’t find it. WE basically tore up the office, looking for it – we couldn\’t even find his birth certificate that I had just seen a couple of months ago. He likes to keep the office spic and span but that doesn\’t apply to the file keeping. That\’s a mess. He has stuffed things into files that have nothing to do with each other. I held my tongue, seeing that he was already frustrated with himself. 

So I went to the SSA website to order a replacement card. That is the fastest way to get one. And yes, he this was going to delay him working until they have it in their hot little hands. I put in all the information and it comes back, they have no record of him. HUH??? Just last year they said we owed them over $3000. They pay him every month and they have no record of him. Finally, after a few tries, they locked him out and told us to call. 

I called while he was in the office, still looking. The Social Security office is still closed. In order to get a replacement, you have to fill out the form that I downloaded from the website and then drop it off on either a Tuesday or Thursday at their so-called \”convenient drop box only available from 9am to noon. What made me raise my voice was when they said he needed to turn over either his passport, drivers licence or military ID to prove who he was. No copy, they want the real deal.

First of all, he needs to drive so the driver\’s licence was out of the question. He has no passport and the military ID he uses for his medical as well. She couldn\’t give me the amount of time it would take for them to get those back to us. The replacement card would take approximately 2-3 weeks. No one these days can commit. They cover their proverbial butts all the time, especially if it is a federal or state government agency. Honestly, if they were private businesses, I would have gone elsewhere. But here we are STUCK in the quagmire of bureaucracy! 

When he came home, I had to go out and when I came back he was all smiling. He found his birth certificate and his SS Card so we don\’t have to go through all that CRAP. 

And it\’s all due to Covid19. More Covid19 bull$#&*

I wasn\’t mad at the gal – who is local here in my town. It\’s not her fault that they have heard NOTHING for months on when they can go back to work in the flesh. Nothing. I felt her frustration as well. 

It all worked out and this morning he went back to finish his training. He will do security work. A nice job for a senior. We don\’t know what days or hours or if he\’ll even have a set time – I know the city contracts them so he will work on the 4th of July and the day before, as they set up. Probably will be events and things like that. California minimum wage is a godsend, to senior workers especially when most seniors only want part-time as to not interfere with benefits. He\’ll be 65 this Dec. 

I don\’t know if it is a California thing or if it is like that elsewhere, but here, it seems all the workforce in retail, fast food are senior citizens. Sara says at the hospital, they are looking for new employees and no one wants to work. Same at the Cal Vet and where Foodie works. I even say a signing bonus to work at KFC! 

I think I may have a few more rants in me, coming up. 

6 thoughts on “The social security office and Covid19

  1. Anonymous June 11, 2021 / 8:07 pm

    Trust me long before Covid I went through this with SS and DMV. Don’t get me started lolGood luck new job…


  2. Anonymous June 12, 2021 / 3:56 am

    Wow, that was a close call, so glad he found them! Yes, here restaraunts are cosing because they cannot get any workers.


  3. Anonymous June 12, 2021 / 4:31 pm

    Dang, what a mess! Government people never have wanted to work, to be honest. I worked for the Florida Vital Statistics many moons ago. All them gals in their hunting for Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, etc. to make copies per requests and they would only do what was required of them. I cranked out lots of work during the day and far exceeded what was required and got yelled at for doing that?! I got so disgusted working there. Finally quit and went to work in the private industry. Our government is top heavy. Needs a big shake up for sure.BTW, y'all might wanna get a fireproof safe and keep important stuff in there. That's what we do. I have all our documents there. Easy to find things, safe from fires and thieves, etc. It's worth the money.Glad it all worked out and now Hubby doesn't have to wait to work.Blessings. xx


  4. Anonymous June 12, 2021 / 10:26 pm

    That's crazy. These people will regret it one day – that LONG gap on their resume will come back and bite them plus if they are in their prime working years, it doesn't look good, especially when there are jobs out there.


  5. Anonymous June 12, 2021 / 10:32 pm

    You are exactly right. Our government is bloated and the employees do tend to get lazy. My husband retired out of the State of California (CalVet) and he saw it all the time. It's really hard for them to get fired. So that's why they harass their employees so they quit. Plus they are always under staffed. And there is paperwork for the paperwork. The training is all PC stuff – and very little of what you are doing. They just throw you in.Hus band noticed the difference in training. NO PC stuff. Just actually training. What a concept!Yeah we should get a fireproof safe. My husband's DD214's are priceless and I would need them one day if he goes before me.


  6. Anonymous June 12, 2021 / 11:05 pm

    Sometimes we need a good rant Strange how it is when we are looking for something and it isn't were we expect it to be


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