Last Friday, Char\’s property management team who manages her apartment, as well her Hud guy (that\’s what we call him)  as her caregiver, her physician, and the agency that come alongside side her for other resources did an intervention-like talk with her. She\’s been out of control with calling them and getting \”testy\” with them. They told her she did not know the whole story behind the 2 neighbors who were \”evicted.\” That she was fine – and they don\’t even know if the new owner will give her notice. He has to give her 90 days\’ notice. Plus right now, during the Covid Pandemic, evictions have been put on hold till after June 2021 as long as it has nothing to do with drug dealing or activity that threatens the other tenants. Char has done neither. 
Her personal Physician sent in a request to see a Psychiatrist – She got in right away. Her dad went with her. It was a consultation but has been referred to another for cognitive behavior modification. They also gave my husband information for support groups for parents with adult children like Char. It\’s about time. I had been asking about this since she came down here from Seattle, back in 2013. It\’s like \”mum\’s the word.\” There are places out there – seems they want to keep it under the wraps until you really need it, always telling me that \”she\’s lovely, she\’s sweet, she\’s very independent…\” Yeah but she still needs HELP and proper professional guidance. We really didn\’t want to have to wait until she is really bad off. 
Now we wish to have a consultation with her physician about getting her tested by a Neurologist regarding early-onset dementia. She\’s 40 years old and we need to know how to prepare. 
Both my sons and Sara are very sweet with Char so we are sure, that when we get old they will step up to the plate. Her mom, in Washington State, is useless. The woman is still hooking up with men on the internet in these romance scams. The latest from a screenshot on Facebook that Char sent me is her Mom has met a 61-year-old man who is a high-ranking officer in Afghanistan and he is due to retire. They are in love and going to be married but may need some cash. Oi Vey! 

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