A piece of cake

I didn\’t get sick – but I did have one sore arm, that throbbed all night thus keeping me from a good night\’s rest. I had body aches as well. Today I took a 3-hour nap to make up for the lost sleep and I feel real good – my arm not as sore as last night. 
I kept, counting how many hours it was since my shot – and thinking I only had a little bit more of it before the body aches would subside. 
Gosh, I\’m glad this is behind me. Or is it? I read yesterday, where one of the makers of the vaccine is thinking of a 3rd injection and possibly a booster sometime in the Fall of this year. And to think they are saying it is only good for 6 months doesn\’t sit too well with me. My poor arm still has the injection hole from the first shot. 
I deserve some cake actually. I\’m so happy that\’s over with for now. I\’ll think about \”what\’s next\” another day. 

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5 thoughts on “A piece of cake

  1. Anonymous April 9, 2021 / 3:31 pm

    Have you never gotten a flu shot or pneumonia shot in your lifetime, Debby? Cos the reaction to those is similar to the COVID vaccine. I'm glad you're protected too, as am I. Small price to pay for such protection, eh? Take good care. ~Andrea xoxo


  2. Anonymous April 9, 2021 / 9:22 pm

    In the 42 hours after my second shot, I slept for 24 of them and struggled to stay awake the rest of the time. Beter than one of my sons who passed out at work and they had to call EMS. And that was from the first dose.


  3. Anonymous April 9, 2021 / 10:12 pm

    Oh yes I've had those shots and never a problem. Maybe a slight sore arm but this was a bit more. I also got the Shingles shot this year in 2 doses. That was a humdinger as well. Of course, it is worth it. I just like to bitch.


  4. Anonymous April 9, 2021 / 10:13 pm

    Oh wow, Denise that must have been scary for your son.


  5. Anonymous April 9, 2021 / 10:24 pm

    I hope your arm and body aches ease soon, yeah hearing we may need future boasters sucks.


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