The other day, Char called us very upset and crying. Apparently, tenants in her apartment building who are on section 8 housing, as she is, are being evicted. Due to her mental disability, we have to ask her many questions to get to the bottom of it. So what we did find out was, the building has sold and has a new owner who wishes to fix the dump building up.  It closed in October 2020 for $1.6 million.  It is on a bluff overlooking the Sacramento River and in its day, it was a beaut! Back in the \’20s and \’30s, Hollywood stars would rent out these cute bungalows for wild weekend getaways. Decade after decade it took its toll. They are now dumpy but affordable and she liked it because it had a swimming pool. S8 pays half of it so it was extremely affordable. There were better places but she really liked it because it was downtown, close to everything. 
During her 6 year stay, she encountered cockroaches, mice, and bedbugs. Wasp nests on her balcony, so bad, she can\’t even sit outside and management does nothing to remedy the situation. I kept suggesting to her, that she moves – especially after the one time, I walked past an apartment and saw live cockroaches on the window glass. 
Part of her disability is, she doesn\’t like change. She likes routine – even if it is the same every day and to move, meant a big chance. Then the Carr fire hit and a few months later the Camp Fire. With so many in our area, having to go out and find temporary rentals while their homes were being built,  the availability of rentals has become out of sight. Of course, it hurts the disabled and elderly. Plus we have this cult-like megachurch in our town – that also has a school for Supernatural Ministry and it brings in 10,000 students a year. 2020, they had to close but within the past couple of weeks, they have opened up their school, and they have no dorms so it puts a strain on our rental market for the locals. These students come from around the world to go there. You would think, this megachurch would build housing for these students. Grrrrrrrr, enough about that place. 
So what happened, is 2 of her neighbors have been asked to leave – given a 30-day notice. The Hud guy told me, the new owner has done nothing wrong. He has to fix these apartments due to dry rot-out balconies and termites. Fix the outdated plumbing and electrical. He told Char, the writing is on the wall. They will eventually get to her apartment. She will have to find a new place. The sooner the less inconvenience. 
So the search is on – not much out there but it is not as urgent as she made it sound. She can only go as high as $835 a month for a 1 bedroom. Hud pays half. Wouldn\’t you know it, apartments I have looked at, at $900-$1000 for studios. 
If push came to shove, we could have her move back in with us, HOWEVER, she doesn\’t want that. She wants her independence. She can live on her own. The social agency that works with her, wants her to be on her own. She has a gal assigned to her that helps her with grocery shopping and errands to the doctors. The agency also pays all her bills for her. Her new apartment is out there – If she moved in with us, and decided to go back out on her own again, there is a long waiting list for S8. She first waited almost 2 years. 
You know, it\’s ALWAYS SOMETHING. 

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4 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Anonymous March 15, 2021 / 7:28 pm

    I hope all goes well for Char. It is good if she is independent in the long run. For the apartments, they should fix a few and rent them to the present tenants they plan to evict. But we all know this story. They want more money.


  2. Anonymous March 15, 2021 / 8:33 pm

    IT's ALWAYS about the money!


  3. Anonymous March 16, 2021 / 12:03 am

    It all comes down to money


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