It\’s just crazy how I am involved in other people\’s lives when I would rather be just left alone. My sister married her Iranian husband. She threw away her own culture and followed him. Then she had my niece – who got with a man who would beat her – just as she saw growing up with her own father. History repeating itself. Nina knew this too and we talked about it last year. She was separated from him – she wanted a new life but knew he would always be their daddy. She just didn\’t have to support or strength to fully get out of the relationship. 
Her baby daddy has always been cordial to me –  I\’m a woman.  His culture does not look to women being anything but some other man\’s property. Now I can say he really likes and respects my husband – which is odd.  I can\’t say he ever did anything to me personally – or to my husband except how do I justify what he did to my niece and those children? Just forgive and forget? I hated going around them because every time we did, the police were at the door for some reason or another. I felt bad about that but it was her life and the way she wanted to live it. I was always a bit nervous. 
So now my sister is dead – and so is her daughter, my niece. But in order to see my grand niece and nephew, I will now have to include that dysfunctional part of her family into my life. It doesn\’t seem fair. I didn\’t marry or have babies with them. But I am going to have to deal with them and their extended families if I want to see those kids. 
Yesterday, Baby Daddy had a court date. I don\’t know what became of it but from what Nina\’s step-dad told me, was that he was attending all the necessary classes he needs in order to win back full custody of those children. That\’s AWESOME – but why did it take for Nina to die for him to get sober and for him to take anger management classes etc? Yeah, I\’m pissed. 
In compliance with what the State of California wants from him, he moved down his mother and 2 sisters from Seattle to live with him and to take care of the children. 
I have no idea what I am getting myself into. 

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4 thoughts on “Irony

  1. Anonymous January 17, 2021 / 1:43 pm

    I think you know the answer to why he did it…all of sudden we have a large population —and the very fact they make women follow behind them infuriates me. I am so sorry for your loss.


  2. Anonymous January 17, 2021 / 6:19 pm

    I'm sorry for your struggle. I hope you can see your niece and nephew with little contact with his relatives!


  3. Anonymous January 18, 2021 / 9:53 pm

    What a terrible time you have had , your neice & nephew will bennifit from having you in their lives. , it is all so distressing.


  4. Anonymous January 19, 2021 / 2:58 am

    The most dangerous time for a woman in an abusive relationship is when she leaves.Love,Janie


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