First thing yesterday morning, I called that CPS worker – her email was available so I left her a message. Immediately she called me back and apologized – one side up the other. She seems to be very lazy and she makes a lot of excuses using the pandemic as her excuse. On Dec 8, I left a message on her voice mail as instructed by her manager. On that voice mail, I left mine and my husband\’s social security numbers, driver\’s license numbers, DOB, addresses, etc so that they can run a background check on us – so that we can have visitations. She said she never looks at her messages. DUH! So she told me to email that information to her. I complied. How much you want to bet, she doesn\’t read her email? We\’ll have to wait and see. 
She was able to report to me, that the kids did receive our Christmas box of goodies for them. They loved it and they took pictures of them with the Santa hats – but have to get permission from their dad, to send me. I get it – but I still am frustrated. They are my blood, too. I don\’t know if baby Daddy will grant me permission. 
He still doesn\’t have custody of them and they are working with him so that he can have custody of them. She said within the next couple of months. That\’s just crazy. He is a big-time drug dealer. Not a small fry – he drives big cars, owns the property. and has connections all over the country. Yet he gets rights over me. 
Enough about all of that or I start to see RED. 

The husband was able to secure a date with the Veterans cemetery – it will be Feb. 12 at 2pm. Military honors from the folding of the flag to the sounding of Taps and the rifle salute.  Just what Pops would have wanted. He served in the Navy in WW2 and in the Army, post-war. 

I also FINALLY made some doctor appointments that I had been procrastinating on. 

  • I have a bunion that is killing me. I see the Podiatrist next Monday. 
  • Five or so years ago, I was at the dog park when a 120 lb great Dane puppy came running toward me, which my back was turned away from him, and he ran into me – knocking me down – hard. I injured my knee (got that taken care of) but I injured both my shoulders. So it\’s time to get them checked out. I\’m pain shooting down to my wrist and my shoulder blades. I\’m hoping for physical therapy. Both sides are messed up but because I am right-handed, that side hurts the most. 
  • And then there are the Pulmonary specialists I will be seeing at the end of Jan and the first week in Feb. 
I must really sound like I am falling apart. I feel like it at times. My body hurts all the time. I need a major tune-up. Years of not going to the doctor are why I am now, having to go and get these things checked out. I had the medical – I just had better things to do and the issues were manageable. After I had my knee done, is when I started noticing my bunion because I was walking more. So you get one thing fixed and another issue pops up. I sound like an old car. 
I turn 67 in March. This is all way too young, to be having these physical issues, but then again, when I was young I was brutal to my body. I didn\’t know it at the time – I just enjoyed power walking and running and hiking and climbing. I mean to me, that\’s normal stuff. Oh well. 

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  1. Anonymous January 15, 2021 / 12:04 am

    Good God! How can the CPS worker not deal with messages? That's appalling. No wonder you're upset.Love,Janie


  2. Anonymous January 15, 2021 / 10:50 pm

    I have read this twice each time I am gripped from start to f inish but no damn comment comes to mind so I say nothing just letting you know I was here


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