Getting things done and updates

We finally received Pops ashes – and were able to pick up his stuff from the Veterans Home on Wednesday. Thursday, my sister-in-law, Mary drove up to pick up some items – 2 wheelchairs, and an electric lift recliner. 
DISAPPOINTING – The motorized wheelchair, for some doggone reason, was working fine on Wednesday, but when she was here on Thursday, the darn thing wouldn\’t budge. I think when my husband charged it might have blown out something, so we need to get that checked out because Max could really use that. 
Her son, Max needs these items due to a horrible motorcycle accident he had when he was 27 – 5 years ago. He suffered a brain injury and is more like an 8-year-old. He is not paralyzed, but there is  substantial brain injury that won\’t allow him to walk. 
Mary took many books, and a bible – and some of Pop\’s artwork as well as 2 laptops that work and a cuckoo clock. She was thrilled with all her new stuff. 
And Pops power lift recliner with heat and massage. This will help with Max as well. 
Our garage was packed – with boxes, etc. He must have had 50 hats. He had stuffed animals, and they even packed up all his JUNK mail – sweepstakes and contests that he got suckered into. As we went through stuff it actually was a form of healing – just the crazy stuff he saved as well as what they packed up for us – his teeth and hearing aids that no one will take plus 3 c-pap machines. We donated those. The teeth we threw out. 
Yesterday we had to drive down to exchange some things with Mary that we wanted to keep but in all the boxes it was accidentally taken by her. She needed some cords and owner\’s manuals that we forgot to pack. Nice drive about 35 miles south of us in the country. 
So everything is starting to get settled – Lord willing, we can have his memorial sometime this month at the Veterans Cemetary. 
UPDATE on my Niece and Nephew
I received a phone message call from CPS social worker late Friday afternoon. She wanted me to give her a call back which I did. Her mailbox is full. I called again today – the mailbox is full and she doesn\’t answer her phone. So I had to call the social worker of the day – told her and all she could do was email her to call me. It sounded as if, this wasn\’t the first time this particular CPS has done this. I get the impression, she is really not into her job. Even her phone message says she is out of the office till Dec 23. She also says, leaves a message and I will call you back immediately. BULL. Her phone messages are full. What can I say but, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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2 thoughts on “Getting things done and updates

  1. Anonymous January 11, 2021 / 11:53 pm

    Grrr is right! That is so frustrating.Glad you are getting some of the other things worked out and I hope you can get the power chair working.


  2. Anonymous January 12, 2021 / 10:05 pm

    It is frustratng when things stop working but it is good that we have such things now days


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