Christmas trees, lockdowns, and updates.

Navy and Sara\’s tree
I figured it was time to post something – 
Navy and my husband had a fun time looking for a tree. It was starting to get dark and after a while, they all pretty much look the same, so he cut down a cedar tree. Now cedars, are usually not Christmas Tree-like. Their feathery branches don\’t hold the ornaments or the lights very well.  The main thing is he liked his tree. I drove over to their place and watched them haul it into the house and place it in the stand. I could tell Sara had mixed emotions about the tree. I think she expected it to look like an artificial tree – I tried to convince her, to pop some popcorn and string it on the tree. It was a no-go. I will say, Ed, the cat loves it! 
Monday I had a setback when it came to Nina\’s death. A really good friend of hers that lives in Florida and who just had her 4th baby the day before just found out and called me. It was upsetting to have to go through it again with someone who just found out – that raw grief. So I was sick to my stomach for a couple of days. 
I haven\’t heard a thing – she\’s been cremated – that\’s it. I haven\’t heard from CPS, no one. As for her belongings and my sisters – I really don\’t want any of it. I\’m perfectly content with what I have. If they call me I will arrange to pick up the boxes but if they never call – I\’m fine with that, too. That also included war medals from my dad and my mom\’s wedding rings. It\’s just stuff. I have plenty of old photographs and old bibles. I just don\’t want to be rushed into anything. I just wish it would all go away. 
California is on another lockdown and a curfew. Only the metro areas are locked down and following the Governors mandates. You get outside those counties and most of California is doing their own thing, according to each individual county. I am ANGRY about it all – and the inconsistency of these mandates and what it has done to vulnerable people, like my niece. I never thought about it before, but when you are an addict and you are in a court-ordered recovery program – it all was canceled. They tried to do Zoom recovery but that doesn\’t really work. Plus her son was using the computer for his school work. She had no accountability, which is major when you are trying to stay clean. She had no communication with others. She had no support. So yeah, I am angry about it and I partly blame all these freaking shutdowns for her death. Public health is all over the place – they say one thing and then a week or two later, they say something else. I mean who can follow that, let along someone who is dealing with drug addiction, homeschooling her child who has behavior issues – working from midnight to the mornings and getting very little sleep. 
My brother\’s mother, passed away the other night. She was 85. They are in Tennessee to bury her tomorrow. No lockdown and no curfew. My brother is not taking it well – mostly it is due to his dementia. My poor sister-in-law is concerned for her own safety. He\’s just not himself and I don\’t know if he ever will be. He had about a week, where the meds were helping a little; he was at least getting some sleep, but now, he\’s back to not sleeping – up all night. I hate to say it, but I think they may have to put him in a home in 2021 if he continues to be mean. He is just mean to everybody. Wants to fight everyone, too. This is NOT MY BROTHER. He\’s always been such a sweetie – has a gentle soul and loves the Lord. He used to be a Pastor of a church there in Alabama. They closed down their little country church about 10 years ago. 
We did put up our Christmas Tree on Saturday and today is my husband\’s birthday. 


We keep dodging the bullet – We hadn\’t heard a thing from them and the state representative who had to work with Cal Vet on the breakdown of the overtime pay. They were scheduled to start withholding our pay starting December 1. Finally Monday, my husband received the message on the SSA website that, on the 3rd, we would get paid. It\’s a month to month thing until it is all settled – but at least we can eat and not have to break into our savings account. 
I hope you all are enjoying the month of December the way you like. We\’re having beautiful spring weather – my aroma tomatoes are still producing. I\’ve got about 10 of them on the vine. 
Oh, and one more thing – Navy and Sara are looking to buy their first home. They are a little apart in what they want. She wants a \”dream home\” and he wants a nice starter home. Hopefully, they can settle somewhere in the middle. They went and got pre-approved so they can jump at the house they want. I showed them one with a swimming pool (I love to swim) but it was sold after 4 days on the market. I just want them to be happy. Doesn\’t matter to me, but between you and me, a pool would be awesome! 

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8 thoughts on “Christmas trees, lockdowns, and updates.

  1. Anonymous December 3, 2020 / 12:22 am

    I'm so sorry you had to go through that again. It's sad already and then all the extenuating circumstances make it even harder. Sorry about your brother too. Dementia is a crazy and so difficult disease. Some people completely change and it's a huge challenge for the family.Praying for all of you!


  2. Anonymous December 3, 2020 / 3:29 am

    It's hard to learn about how people change when they have dementia. We should have a lockdown in Florida. If it's just the metro areas, then I can live with that. It would be better than nothing. The tree is pretty.Love,Janie


  3. Anonymous December 3, 2020 / 4:27 am

    Pools are a lot of work, but then it won't be your pool 🙂 The tree looks cute!! Certainly fills that corner of the room nicely! Yep, the lockdown did a lot of damage to people dealing with mental health issues and in Nina's case addictions. My daughter who suffers from mental health issues basically hasn't left her apartment since March (she and her husband live in Montana) because she has some health problems (diabetes and asthma among the long list) and he's afraid for her health if she goes out. She goes to some doctor appointments but that's about it. Was going to a day program at a local mental health clinic but that's been closed since March. She is feeling the effect of not having that daily support. We aren't locked down, just encouraged to stay the course. Weirdest thing is if you are having gatherings of 50 or more you have to basically get permission but submitting a plan on what you will do to keep people safe (social distancing, mask wearing and the like). So I can have a gathering of 49 people and no plan. That's what I would do. Insane all of it. betty


  4. Anonymous December 3, 2020 / 8:31 am

    A pool is great. I purchased an above ground cheapie at the end of the season about two years ago. It is still in the box in my garage waiting. lol I wanted to find out how hard it would be to maintain a pool. I love a pool.You've gone through a lot lately, I hope the load lightens. You are so right about recovery. One of my sisters has schizophrenia and you know the weakest link in her healthcare is mental health. The last psychiatrist acted more like a bariatric doctor. Her blood pressure was high each time from the stress. And yes, not being realistic in her treatment did have an affect on your niece.


  5. Anonymous December 3, 2020 / 6:53 pm

    I've never had to deal with dementia like this – so I am learning how terrible it is. Sad.


  6. Anonymous December 3, 2020 / 6:58 pm

    Honestly, what can they really do about it? Arrest people and throw them in jail? Even the jails and prisons are letting out their supposedly more vulnerable prisoners. It's all a freaking joke and no one, knows what they are doing. If they would just admit it, maybe people would comply. Be honest and say, \”we're trying this but it may not work.\” Now they are saying you can go back to work after 7 days of having it.


  7. Anonymous December 3, 2020 / 7:01 pm

    Nina was also bipolar. Poor dear had everything thrown at her, and due to covid, she just wasn't strong enough to overcome it.


  8. Anonymous December 4, 2020 / 9:54 pm

    Christmas tree oh christmas tree , where is my christmas tree hidden away in a box somewhere I have f orgotten what the rest of the c omment .due to visitors arriving


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