Cool video and updates

Incredible 14 sec. visual of the spread of Covid since March. 
Imagine my surprise when I saw this big white circus tent in front of Applebees. Makes no sense to me – it\’s like having a peeing section in the swimming pool. Who comes up with this stuff? It\’s up and down California. NO wonder we are spiking. So we did \”take out\” instead. Applebees is not so good. My husband reminded me that last year we went to Olive Garden. They were packed. A few years before that, we couldn\’t get into Applebees so we went to Outback. Cattlemen\’s was offering a free meal to Veterans, but they too had the while covid tent.  
Is this just a California thing? 

We\’ve gone from 85 degrees, a week ago to 29 for a low! I finally turned on the heat. Today the HVAC guy comes to do his annual maintenance. 
I\’m loving it. I kinda sorta like seasonal changes. Not the drastic kind, but the kind we do have here, as mild as they are – there are changes. There is a 100% chance of rain tomorrow (Friday) I am beside myself with JOY. Today we are scrambling to get things put away.


Yesterday afternoon, the Critical Care office for Specialists/Pulmonologist called and scheduled me for 2 appointments. One for Jan 27 and the other Feb 9.  I am glad I have these now on the calendar. I have something to look forward to. I still have that annoying dry cough – and that chest congestion that just won\’t go away. At night when I am lying down, I can hear a slight velcro sound coming from my chest. I sure hope they can fix it. As for energy, I still am finding that I do things, and then need to sit down. It\’s not that bad – I always thought it was because I am out of shape, this year due to covid19. (I use the Covid19 excuse, too) Oh well.  I\’m not as morbid or negative as I was at first if the worst-case scenario is the diagnosis. 

I have a cousin in Indiana, that has Covid19 pretty bad. She\’s hospitalized and they diagnosed \”Ground-glass infiltrates throughout both lungs compatible with atypical/COVID pneumonia. Essentially, a ground-glass opacity describes the \”shades of grey\” in between a normal lung scan and one from an extremely diseased lung that shows up nearly all white because it\’s full of pus or fluid, said Henry Guo, MD, Ph.D., of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.\” 
This Covid19 is wreaking havoc in our lungs. This cousin is 59. I really don\’t know her that well – don\’t know if she ever smoked or anything but it sure is scary. She is an RN, and her husband is a Doctor and they have a small clinic in their town. 
What a crummy year. 

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4 thoughts on “Cool video and updates

  1. Anonymous November 12, 2020 / 9:53 pm

    Gosh, you have to wait a long time for your appointments! I hope it is something that can be treated simply! We like Olive Garden the best! But have not eaten out since March, boo hoo… OH, your header is GORGEOUS!!!


  2. Anonymous November 13, 2020 / 12:44 am

    That was an interesting video about Covid spread. The graphics were fun to watch (not what they represented but fun to see; you know what I mean). The tent thing I think is California and maybe a few other states that allow dining but outside but not inside. Sorry about your cousin; hoping she improves. Good that you have your appointments scheduled!betty


  3. Anonymous November 13, 2020 / 10:22 pm

    Not usually but it is with a Pulmonary Specialist. UC Davis was a longer wait. I love Olive Garden's chicken alfredo. MY mouth waters just thinking about it.


  4. Anonymous November 13, 2020 / 10:24 pm

    I enjoy those types of graphics.


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