Snow in the mountains –

My goodness, we dropped from the mid-\’80s to the mid-\’50s. Snow fell overnight in the higher elevations. I can see snow on all the mountains surrounding us. That is usually when I know, we\’ve begun the Fall process. 
I am having another good day. Still coughing and then with the heat now blowing in, there was some dust, I guess and I felt it in my chest. 
So what am I going to do with myself, till February? I thought MAYBE if all this covid crap clears out, that we might go to Alabama and see my brother and family.  We\’d do that sometime in January. I don\’t like traveling during the holiday months. For Christmas, this year I am giving everyone a gift card. That eliminates shopping plus it is doubtful that Navy will get to be here, due to his contract with the State of California. He would be fined and could face jail time, as well as lose his job. I know I know, Welcome to Communism. 
Artie Johnson from Laugh-In.

Boy, all of this election stuff is going to be very interesting and soon we all have forgotten – Think about this: Al Gore fought for 37 days and took it to the Supreme Court. Just over a single state. Regardless, of where you stand, some of these states need to be re-counted.  I am sure if the shoe was on the other foot, they would, too. If it comes back that Bidump won – then so be it. 
In all honesty, it really isn\’t all THAT bad. He will be a lame-duck President. Mostly ceremonial. 

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3 thoughts on “Snow in the mountains –

  1. Anonymous November 8, 2020 / 5:10 am

    He will be a puppet for the far left radicals. But the voters have voted and if it comes to be then I will continue to pray. Thankfully the Senate still has a the majority of Republicans and thankfully the House of Representatives picked up 13 new pro life women representatives. I thought a week or so ago that Trump's legacy will be 3 conservative judges on the Supreme Court. That will last a long time!! betty


  2. Anonymous November 8, 2020 / 9:29 pm

    Ok I read show on the mooounttains not snow in the moountains kinds changes tyhings


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