Never a dull moment

Some heavy wind today – everything that hasn\’t been battened down is being strewed over the yard or crashing against the fence or side of the house. This is a day for the wind chimes! 

I did some last night I have never done – You know you\’re getting careless when you spill a scalding hot bowl of soup on your lap! I jumped up and immediately stripped off my shorts and underwear and ran to the shower to spray cold water on my upper thigh. I now have blisters. It could have been much worse. Don\’t ask me HOW I did it. I just did. It was as much of a shock for me. It happened so fast. 

For a while, as I was tending to my upper thigh, I was not in the mood for my homemade vegetable beef soup I made from the previous days\’ pot roast. I was looking forward to it all day as it smelled so good. About an hour later I made myself a bowl. 


It is quite humbling when our county had been so good about not having many cases of Covid19 for months and then, the 2400 students from 70 countries came to Bethel\’s Supernatural Ministry here in Redding. Then literally all hell broke loose. We now have the most active cases in all the counties of California. I also suspect, many from the urban and metro areas, came up here to recreation – and left behind their covid cooties. I\’m sure it is a combination of many things but it is embarrassing, to say the least. Tuesday of next week is when we are to officially move up to the highest level. PURPLE. IN other words, March, April, and May all over again. Just in time for the holidays. 

I\’m mad – what is so freaking hard about wearing a mask? Honestly, I am so tired of this debate. My son\’s facility lost 3 people yesterday. I suspect, perhaps a medical staff attends Bethel church and brought it into the facility. We also just heard of another Care facility that has 3 positive cases and at the Veteran Home where my FIL is at, some employees have tested positive. What makes me mad, is that CalVet would call us when they found anyone who was positive back in those early months and has now stopped. We know NOTHING. It just so happens we have inside information. (My husband used to work there) I want to raise Holy Hell but my husband wants to sit on it – I want to call the administrator to ask some questions but the husband says to wait. 

Just seems shady to me – Like our local public health. On their Facebook page, they have consistently posted the numbers. Then one day, they change the way they calberate the numbers without any explanation. People started asking questions and only till then did they admit using a different formula. Last week, they did it again. It\’s confusing. They used to do Saturday and Sundays individually now they lump it with Monday for a bigger number. Commenters pressed them until they broke it down for each individual day. I mean, what is UP with that? 

I like consistency. My mind gets all boggled when you start messing up the numbers and changing every few weeks.

So, next week some businesses will have to close and others at a 25% capacity. I\’m wondering how this will affect those of us who prefer to vote in person. I only voted by mail once and that was like 15 years ago. I really enjoy experiencing the whole process. Standing in the line – I used to bring my toddlers and back when they had a curtain and you pulled the levers. I\’d have one in a stroller and one hugging my knees. Michael would stand on the outside of the booth and give his little brothers the evil eye. I always came prepared so as not to take up a bunch of time. I get in and I get out ASAP. 

Never a dull moment living in this State. 

7 thoughts on “Never a dull moment

  1. Anonymous October 16, 2020 / 1:29 am

    That is horrible about the Covid outbreak in your area. Our state has sky-rocketing numbers! Our city has set up a hospital unit in the fair grounds. We stay pretty isolated to stay safe. It is scary because John's health is not good and I don't know what would happen if he got infected.That scalding burn sounds awful and painful. Take good care! Hugs- Diana


  2. Anonymous October 16, 2020 / 4:29 am

    You said it all with your last line. Ouch with your burn! Do be careful with it so infection doesn't set in. Our numbers are going up (I have a theory why). Today was the first day over 1000 cases since middle of September. We're to hold the course (i.e. not shut anything down) and see if this trends up over the next 2 weeks. I too like to vote in person. We better check where early voting is so we can just go and \”get it over with.\” Not much could happen that would influence who we are planning to vote for.betty


  3. Anonymous October 16, 2020 / 7:19 pm

    It sounds like you are heading back into where we still are here in PA. It wasn't very long ago that the Gov. said businesses could open up to 20% of capacity. That's the best it's been since the whole mess started. Interesting tidbit, I went to the funeral home with a friend yesterday to help her plan her father's funeral. The nursing home said he died of Covid. The funeral director told us he doesn't have the death certificate yet and it could take a while since the coroners here are really investigating every reported Covid death in nursing homes because they are finding that not all of them are true cases. The $19,000 the nursing homes get from Medicare for each Covid death is a big incentive for false reporting. The funeral director said it can take up to 2 weeks to get a death certificate in such cases at the moment. Kind of a pain, but glad someone is trying to keep them honest.


  4. Anonymous October 16, 2020 / 9:23 pm

    My son who works at a care facility as a dietician told me something similar.


  5. Anonymous October 16, 2020 / 9:24 pm

    It doesn't even hurt and the blisters are drying up. Close call – it could have been worse.


  6. Anonymous October 16, 2020 / 9:27 pm

    Just awful. It's so discouraging and people are getting so frustrated due to the inconsistency of the data. It is best to just stay as safe as you can, without giving up your liberties. I support my small business in town and we're losing so many. They can't go through this again.


  7. Anonymous October 16, 2020 / 10:35 pm

    Life is like that at times, it makes us wonder what the hell, or maybe that's just me


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