Zogg Fire – 100% contained – 56,338 Acres – 4 deaths

Source: Record Searchlight

Today our Shasta County DA has joined in the effort to find out the cause of the Zogg Fire. Cal fire has seized the PGE equipment, suspected of the actual cause of the fire. That part of the county uses PGE and Igo and Ono are rural so chances are those lines and equipment were old and in need of repair.  PGE has always overspent by millions of dollars while overlooking repairs. This has been going on since the 70\’s –  About 10 years ago, in San Bruno, a PGE gas line explosion wiped out several neighborhoods and killed a high school friend of mine. I used to live next door to a PGE lineworker who never worked. He would pull his PGE truck into his side yard, along with some other PGE buddies and they\’d close off the gate and stay all day – at least once or twice a week. I tried reporting it to PGE anonymously but back then (1980\’s) they wanted my name and I didn\’t trust them. I was home alone with my 3 sons and I had a daycare. I couldn\’t afford to have those guys retaliate if they found out who finked on them. These neighbors were bullies I had trouble with before – having loud drunk parties and then allowing their guests to throw their partyware and garbage over the fence into my yard. 

So yeah, I carry a grudge. 

The only service we get from PGE is our gas. 

It upsets me that 4 people lost their lives. One was a young mom and her 8-year-old daughter as they tried to flee in their tuck with their dogs. 

Kennis Vossen, 52, of Igo,  Alaina McLeod, and her daughter, eight-year-old Feyla,  Karin King, 79, of Igo. 

We still have a fire south of us – The August Complex Fire. It has burned 1,029,110 Acres – has been active for 58 days and is 76% contained. 7 counties which include the Shasta Trinity Forest. 

We were supposed to have wind today – so far so good – just lite breezes but in those canyons and valleys, plus fire creates its own wind, I just hope and PRAY, the fire doesn\’t spread. The wind is also predicted for tomorrow as well. 

5 thoughts on “Zogg Fire – 100% contained – 56,338 Acres – 4 deaths

  1. Anonymous October 14, 2020 / 11:53 pm

    It's heartbreaking that people died and so many lost their homes because of–most likely–PG&E's laziness. I don't blame you for being afraid to report those guys.Love,Janie


  2. Anonymous October 15, 2020 / 12:50 am

    I remember that gas explosion from the San Bruno area. Glad to hear the Zogg Fire is contained. Sad with the deaths though.I don't get employees who don't work. Its a shame there wasn't a better tracking system for them so they could be caught by the company. Wonder if times have changed and there are better tracking to get rid of lazy employees.betty


  3. Anonymous October 15, 2020 / 8:55 pm

    Working for PGE back in the day was cushy. I don't know how it is now.


  4. Anonymous October 15, 2020 / 8:56 pm

    These days, I believe it is easier to report things anonymously.


  5. Anonymous October 16, 2020 / 3:32 am

    The end result of fire is rarely if ever good


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