Picnic Tuesday

We decided to make more of an effort to get out during the middle of the week, instead of on the weekends. We\’re retired. We took a picnic lunch and drove over to the lake and ate our lunch. No one was there. When we were leaving a couple of guys came with their fishing poles. 

Tomorrow it is supposed to be windy, so today was an excellent day to get out. PGE will be shutting power to some of Shasta County – fortunately for us, we have city electric. The Zogg fire is almost 100% contained. I hope these winds tomorrow do not stir anything up. I am so sick of it.

IT was nice to get away and just talk – We started getting sleepy it was so relaxing. Since the husband retired, we really haven\’t been able to go anywhere due to Covid. The weekdays are best since no one is there. 

All that fresh air has made me sleepy so I am going to take a power nap. 

7 thoughts on “Picnic Tuesday

  1. Anonymous October 14, 2020 / 12:34 am

    Great idea with the picnic!betty


  2. Anonymous October 14, 2020 / 12:52 am

    What a lovely idea to have a picnic in the fall.God bless.


  3. Anonymous October 14, 2020 / 2:52 am

    I do not do things on the weekend like golf that interfere with those who can only do those things on the weekend…plus the no crowd is a big benefit of being retired.


  4. Anonymous October 14, 2020 / 8:06 pm

    To just be able to get out in nature – is so rejuvenating.


  5. Anonymous October 14, 2020 / 8:06 pm

    Enjoying the simple things we have before us.


  6. Anonymous October 14, 2020 / 8:09 pm

    Very true. We're still trying to get into our new pattern since hubby's retirement. Plus with the lockdowns, we never really got a chance to start our new normals.


  7. Anonymous October 14, 2020 / 9:12 pm

    Power naps are awesome


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