A Fallish Saturday

My Susie – 

My arm is much better today. Before going to bed last night I used a Lidocaine Patch from my husband. He had these from his Doctor – 5%. OTC is 4%. I smacked it on my upper arm and I slept much better with little pain. I still can\’t sleep on my left side. Ice works too. I\’d say for me it was the first 24-36 hours is the worst. 

The husband mowed part of the back yard yesterday. He was huffing and puffing – a bit out of shape but he wouldn\’t admit it. Laydee was having a blast, running up to the mower and barking; just like old times. She\’s been bored as well these past 8+ weeks. We don\’t have big lawns anymore. Too many droughts, we decided to have a smaller lawn area. Half of the front is rocks that we put in, early this year and the back is mostly patio. Just enough lawn for the dog. I noticed a big improvement in my water bill. I also noticed this past month a $48 drop-in my electricity bill. Then I realized, it was our new refrigerator, making the difference. We have an old freezer in the garage that belonged to my folks – we need to replace that with a newer one. Maybe next year. 

The COVID situation at my son\’s place of work is tragic. Out of 24 residents that tested positive,  17 died. Many of them knew and loved them like Grandparents. So sad. The locals are making comments and blaming staff when they don\’t know how it got in there and it\’s just awful how people are. My son is devastated as well as his co-workers and friends. You figure they were doing something right all these months – and then late Sept, all hell broke loose. It is still a very fluid situation. 

Today is cooler. The closest day we\’ve had that actually feels like a Fall Day. It\’s coming…even if it still has to go pass through a few 90 degree days…it\’s inevitable. Fall will come. 

6 thoughts on “A Fallish Saturday

  1. Anonymous October 11, 2020 / 1:53 am

    I had a bit of pain from my Shingle's shot. I did not share this earlier in that I was hoping you would get lucky. It took a good week before the soreness in that arm ended.I know your husband enjoyed getting back up and out. I enjoy yardwork. I've got too much yardwork but it keeps me active is my thought. Today was rainy and I did not do a lot of work but it would have been good if I mowed a bit of grass. I've eaten more than I should due to nerves. My mother is having issues and you can't help but absorb the depression. I hope to be as tough as my mother if I get her age but I hope I don't grieve and worry as much as she does. The cooler temperatures are such a relief.


  2. Anonymous October 11, 2020 / 4:48 am

    That's the thing I wonder about this virus. We supposedly are doing what science says. We are wearing the \”damn\” masks, we are socially distancing, we are washing our hands til they are dry and chapped and people keep getting the virus. So what gives with that? Glad your arm is doing better! Supposed to be mid 90s for a few days here before we go back into the low 100s. I doubt we get fall here; we'll go straight to winter. betty


  3. Anonymous October 11, 2020 / 12:47 pm

    I hate to hear about the virus outbreak…it is so scary and we are still at risk. We don't have Fall weather here yet either but hopefully it will cool off some this week! Hugs!


  4. Anonymous October 11, 2020 / 10:24 pm

    I'm all better now. You are a good daughter Ann. It is not easy taking care of our parents. Mine passed in their early 70's. My mom I totally believe she would have made it to at least her 90's. I just had that feeling. She was so mean. (Not that all who live to that age is mean.) Maybe that is why she took her own life – she couldn't manage the thought of living life she no longer wanted.


  5. Anonymous October 11, 2020 / 10:27 pm

    Not all scientists believe the same thing. That's why this is a mess.


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