Cal-Exit or Not?

This was this morning – the Elkhorn fire which merged with the August Complex fire is now the biggest fire in California history.  It is the one burning southeast of Shasta County. It hasn\’t breached the county line – 

another view – Shasta County line points down to the Complex fire. If it breaches that line, it would be about 30 miles from town. That would happen if there was a major wind event. So, yeah we\’re on shaky ground but the wind patterns thus far have the fire moving west instead of northeast. 

I feel like I\’m in the movie Ground Hogs Day with Bill Murray. It\’s the same, every day. More smoke – unhealthy air and the fires are still raging. I just got off the phone with Foodie who told me his friend has covid19 – they work together at the same Care facility. He\’s tested once a week so he\’s waiting on the results of his most recent test. He should hear today or tomorrow. 

The husband and I were talking – IF we even considered leaving California, we couldn\’t do it while his dad is still alive. It would be unwise to move him, due to his health and advanced age plus he\’s happy where he is at. Then it was like, WHAT state would we move to? I\’ve always loved Nevada but they are getting expensive and Californians are moving there in droves. Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Colorado are totally out of the question. Wildfires are there as well. I am sick and tired of the fires and smoke – MORE than I am of the politics! That\’s how bad it is. 

Then I thought what if we move where our ancestors came before coming to California. My mom was from Ohio and her family has been in Ohio since the early 1800s and before that, Pennsylvania, originally from the Connecticut Colony in the 1600s. My Dad and his family, born and raised in Tennesee – places of origin were Virginia and North Carolina. 

That is just too far away for me. I know a high school mate and childhood neighbor who moved from Pacifica to Fernandina Beach, Florida without knowing anyone. The last I heard, they loved it there. I have my brother and his huge family in Alabama – I have cousins I don\’t care for in Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee – No state really turns me on, EXCEPT for Alaska. And honestly, Alaska is just too hard to achieve – real estate is high and it would cost us a lot just to move up that way – My friend, moved up there a year ago and I have been watching how her year as been. It was rough at first but she loves it there. She can sit in her living room, and a moose or two will walk right past the window. The winter temps are not that bad -no different than some of the northern states in the winter. Sure they have the capacity to get really cold, but then again, so do the northern states. I don\’t like humidity. I don\’t mind hot weather if I have AC. I\’ve lived near the mountains – in a city, and on the coast. I haven\’t lived in the county where there are farms everywhere. That could be nice. 

I\’m just dreaming. I\’ll be 67 in March and the thought of selling out, packing, and moving to God knows where sounds daunting. Really, it\’s bad here when we have fires; which the last 12-13 years, we\’ve had every summer. The smoke is what is hard and the fear – when a fire is close and you go to bed at night not knowing if you will be awakened by officials, wanting to evacuate you. 

I don\’t want to leave my only 2 sons. Char is here and has her special needs as well. I do love it here – but it hasn\’t been easy. Then I hear, more friends are leaving California – it\’s like there\’s a big party just on the other side of California and I can\’t get to it due to responsibilities and loving connections. 

Ohhhhh where\’s the rain? Once it rains, everything will be alright once again. 

10 thoughts on “Cal-Exit or Not?

  1. Anonymous September 13, 2020 / 12:48 am

    Rain would be great.Moving is a serious decision. Staying close to your children and your father in law is a good reason to stay along with the social support system California has for seniors. But I can see how the fires are something to want to get away from. You'll know the right decision.


  2. Anonymous September 13, 2020 / 4:36 am

    Yeah with the rain but we have had a very weak monsoon season here. Just a handful of storms. Hubby's brother and SIL have the same dilemma about leaving California, where to go. We are even thinking of leaving Phoenix depending on the outcome of the election and have talked about a few states we will go to. None were on your list. True about Alaska weather. It would be colder in Billings Montana than parts of Alaska. If the theory that masks work and Foodie wears a mask at work he should he safe, right?Bettu


  3. Anonymous September 13, 2020 / 12:36 pm

    I hear the despair my bloggy friend. Making decisions while living through a crisis is mind bending. I pray for your daily safety and guidance for any decisions you are contemplating for your future. Hugs.💖


  4. Anonymous September 13, 2020 / 1:55 pm

    Not that we have forest fires here, we have the severe winters…however, as you know, I have been job hunting…and its not looking good (thanks to the never ending shut down). We are also court mandated caregivers for my mother in-law and her husband (not my husbands' father)-wherever we go, they have to go too…so there's that. Keeping all of you in prayer.


  5. Anonymous September 13, 2020 / 5:39 pm

    You are exactly right about the support system for seniors. One reason Pops moved from Wisconsin to California. It's the fires that would have me move away but then again, no place is perfect and these days no matter where you are, you have to be prepared for any disaster.


  6. Anonymous September 13, 2020 / 5:40 pm

    Yes, that is what we both were thinking. He says he basically goes to work, comes home. Mostly has his food delivered – on occasion he will stop by the market for beer. Always wears a mask.


  7. Anonymous September 13, 2020 / 5:41 pm

    Thank you for the prayers. Bottomline, as long as Pops is alive – we are here.


  8. Anonymous September 13, 2020 / 5:42 pm

    Wow, that is a huge consideration. I hope you find a good job that fits your needs asap.


  9. Anonymous September 13, 2020 / 9:31 pm

    All I know about the fires is what I saw on the news bu scary shit indeed.I wouldn't like to live in a fire prone area, nor would I like to live far drom my family


  10. Anonymous September 14, 2020 / 7:55 pm

    It's a real catch 22


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