Rate Your Sky


On Facebook, those of us who live in the Western States have been rating our sky-color. Today we\’re at 156 which is the best I have seen it in a few days. But as the wind changes direction, that could also change.  I am praying, wishing, hoping, sending good vibes, good thoughts, and whatever I can, for our rainy season and cooler temps to come and save us. 

My Favorite

I\’m back to working on my Family Tree again.  I don\’t usually share this on this blog but I found my bio-grandfather – the father my Mom either never knew or didn\’t want to say because it would reveal that she was born out of wedlock and in that day, that was frowned upon. Thanks to DNA I now have 2 new families to work through – plus I needed to do some updating. I am enjoying it and it does keep my mind busy while waiting for the smoke to clear. 

I listed my blog to the left – if you are into genealogy. No biggie if you\’re not. 

It doesn\’t seem like it should be Friday. This week has gone by so fast, I keep thinking it is Wednesday. I\’m all messed up. When you are deprived of daylight for a day or two, it does mess with your perception. I\’m starting to get down again – just seems I can\’t keep those blues away no matter what I do. My body has been aching, due to not being able to go for walks – I didn\’t go to the gym this week. 

Talked with Pops, on video chat yesterday. He is bored too. His hearing is awful and it\’s getting harder than ever to communicate with him. Lets just saying there is a lot of repeating and talking really LOUD! Not to mention, he forgets everything. For weeks now, my husband has to re-tell the story on how he broke his toe, or why he has a beard now. I don\’t believe we will get to actually see him till sometime next year if he should live that long. Sometime in March 2021, it will a whole year since we have seen him in person. 

Can\’t dwell on it or it will make me go mad. 

I wanted to go somewhere – was thinking about going up to Oregon for an overnighter but that is out of the question now. I feel so trapped. 

3 thoughts on “Rate Your Sky

  1. Anonymous September 12, 2020 / 3:15 am

    We are getting the smoke from the fires, looks like a cloudy day but it isn't. This week did go by fast even stuck at home a lot with the recovering Winslow though of course I worked. Sad about not being able to see Pops. Visits here when allowed will be 15 minutes only and no hugging. Neat you are finding out things through genealogy. When I am on my desktop computer I will leave a link to another blog I follow who is really into genealogy in case you want to check her out.Betty


  2. Anonymous September 12, 2020 / 9:24 pm

    Sure. I love to read Genealogy blogs.


  3. Anonymous September 12, 2020 / 11:20 pm

    My dad and my daughter had/ have a love for genealogy it is so interesting. If 2020 could be undone without Covid 19 that would be good


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