Okay Okay, I call UNCLE!

Today we had to call our US Representative from our District – We have not heard a thing back from the Social Security office. We called and they are not even taking phone calls – telling us to call back at another time. Come on, this is BULLSHIT! I don\’t know about how your SSA office is, but ours has a window between us. They could very well do their work and still social distance. They are not even taking phone calls. Meanwhile, we do not know if they received our request for Reconsideration or what?  The day they start withholding our social security benefit would be Oct 2. We still have time to get this properly resolved. 

There\’s more:  we did our taxes last year before they delayed it till July. Because of that huge payout, we owe the IRS $1200. This week we finally received their notice to pay up or work out a payment plan. I\’ve done this before years ago when I was in business for myself. As a single mom, I got behind on my quarterly tax payments. We worked out a convenient repayment plan. I want to pay them off but with the social security issue, looming in the background, I am hesitant. 

My goodness, for years, we haven\’t had to pay anything back and then the husband retires and WHAM – especially when we don\’t make as much as we used to. It\’s all because of that lump sum payment that I told him we should defer it and he wanted to get some things paid off and well the rest is our reality right now. I know that 2020 taxes, with a huge drop in income, we should get some or most back. 

Then there is our property tax. 

1st installment: DUE Nov 1; They have moved it up a month. It used to be due mid-December. 

2nd Installment: DUE Feb 1; The second installment used to be due April 15. 
Everything DUE at the same time. Just a temporary rough spot all because of the proverbial 
\”a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.\” that has kicked us in the butt! 
In any case, it makes a good blog post!

7 thoughts on “Okay Okay, I call UNCLE!

  1. Anonymous August 29, 2020 / 12:33 am

    Interesting that they moved the property tax deadlines up. I guess the state needs the money sooner than later? Remember Prop 13 from back in the late 70's where property values would be frozen at that time so that people wouldn't have to pay higher property taxes unless they sold the property (or something like that?) Well hubby's parents benefited from that because they had 2 houses and it was before 1978 so they had cheap property taxes and then both of their boys (hubby and brother in law) inherited a house each so if it was an inheritance prop 13 taxes carried through to whoever inherited it as long as the property wasn't sold. I guess they are trying to repeal that to get more taxes. Hubby sold his house he got when we moved to Arizona so that prop 13 was then gone but his brother still has his house he inherited so he still pays reasonable property tax. Its ridiculous you can't get through on the phone to talk with anyone. I thought people would be working from home and could handle these calls? Its a nightmare to try to get into the queues for the unemployment phone calls even with the state hiring lots of people to help out.When it rains it pours and remember it is only money. It will all work out!betty


  2. Anonymous August 29, 2020 / 4:08 pm

    At least your office is open, our federal offices and DMV are still closed here or by appointment, which is like a 3-6 month backup wait. I have had enough of our governors (yours and ours) —this seems never ending. I am sorry…oh, we got my mother-in-laws taxes in (we are conservators) oh boy, I might have mentioned this before –taxes up 150%!!! How in the world can someone pay $3500!!! AND there are no installments here and the mayor said he will cut services; fire, police etc. forced retirements.


  3. Anonymous August 29, 2020 / 9:27 pm

    no, the SSA is closed. They don't even answer their phones. The message says to call back later. It's maddening.


  4. Anonymous August 29, 2020 / 9:28 pm

    Yeah it doesn't pay to get all upset about it. Just have to roll with the punches.


  5. Anonymous August 30, 2020 / 2:15 am

    What stress and frustration down here many feel the same frustation dealing with Centrelink which was once called Social Security


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