Thunder, fizzled heatwave and a photo of Pops.

Yesterday and the day before we had some unexpected thunderstorms which I found to be a welcome change of pace. More thunder than rain – just a lot of rumbling all day long as the thunderheads headed toward the higher elevations. The so-called EXTREME, INTENSE heatwave, fizzled out. 250 miles south of us, was HOT and the Bay Area was having a heat advisory – complete with rolling blackouts. I sat out on the back patio, drinking my coffee, and taking it all in. We don\’t get summer rains like the rest of the country – so when it happens,  it makes the news and everyone loves it. 

Yesterday went by so fast and so far today is dragging. I had planned to do some work in my garden but I\’m feeling a little achy. Maybe later this afternoon. The husband was toward the end of extending our patio when he broke his foot. Toward the end of September, I like to have the kids over for a bonfire and weenie roast to ring in the Fall. That was the deadline for the patio extension and I doubt if it will be done by then. Disappointing but hey, life always shows up without taking our plans into consideration. So I will swap out things I would have done later by doing them now. 

Yesterday the Facebook page for the Veterans Home posted photos of the veterans and low and behold, there was Pop. It was good to see him. He\’s doing good – BORED out of his mind because they no longer go on outings, or bring in the therapy dogs – and no volunteers to joke around with. I hope ad pray his health gets him through this winter. I want to see him make it to 100. He has 6 years to go. 

When you aren\’t able to get in to see your elderly parent or relative, you also are unable to see if there is anything going on or not going on, that you should be aware of. Fortunately Navy works there but even he is limited. He works in another \”neighborhood\” and has to be cleared just to go in to see Pops. One thing that really pissed me off was, we\’ve been waiting and waiting since March – to hear from UCDAVIS regarding an appointment with the Oncologist due to his Penile cancer. Meanwhile, the cancer is spreading no doubt. Finally, at a Tele-Care visit, we asked and they blamed it on, \”no transportation\” to Davis. Are they kidding us? They forget my husband just retired from there in December. They have transportation. They have 2 buses, 2 vans and a couple of cars. Navy told us the drivers just sit around all day playing pool. See, it\’s that \”Due to COVID19\” BS, that many are using for an excuse for their laziness and incompetence. I hate to even venture into the possibility that they may even believe it\’s not worth their time to get a 94-year-old man into the cancer doctor. He\’s going to die soon anyway. Ultimately Pops has the final say as to what will happen to his body, and he does agree with us, he wants to talk to the Oncologist. So we\’ll be working on that, even if we end up having to take him. We still have his motorized wheelchair and we bought some ramps – it\’s just hard to lift him into the seat because we don\’t have an equipped van. Last time we took him out, and my husband was trying to lift him into the seat, he fell and got stuck between the seats. We had to call my daughter-in-law who is a nurse to come to the part and help us. He\’s a big guy. He wears an XLLL. We might have to hire a nurse to come with us, which is ridiculous because this is included with his benefits at the Veterans Home. We also should contact the Ombudsman. 

…and then there is THIS! Portland used to be a nice town. My husband was stationed there when he was in the Coast Guard. I have a friend who lives in a suburb of Portland, Hillsboro and she\’s afraid because they are threatening to come into her neighborhood. 

4 thoughts on “Thunder, fizzled heatwave and a photo of Pops.

  1. Anonymous August 19, 2020 / 1:57 am

    I think the world has gone crazy. God bless.


  2. Anonymous August 19, 2020 / 3:42 am

    Well it is a peaceful protest (tongue in cheek) it's disgusting it is going on this long. I would be out of there if I lived close by. I agree, fight for those benefits to get your FIL to the doctor. Everything is blamed on Covid now. Betty


  3. Anonymous August 19, 2020 / 12:44 pm

    I am so mad and upset about this Portland video…which left me screaming and yelling at the tv. HEY–really peaceful, righttttttttttt? BALONEY! (I better leave it there)Hot and humid here in Western NY and no rain. I am so over summer, ready for fall.


  4. Anonymous August 19, 2020 / 11:04 pm

    Those clips didn't sit well with me just saying…………..It is wrong that people have to fight for what they are entiled to


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