California is a HOT MESS

It seems the only people that clammer for the old California Dreamin, are Democrats from other states that do not live here. Oh, they may have family or friends that live here and that seems to be
 their E-coupon to include themselves in our politics. Sorry, but not sorry – that doesn\’t count. You have to actually LIVE HERE, Pay Taxes before you would ever have a clue of what is going on in this corrupt state. Trust me, those California Dreamin days are OVER! 
Our crime rate has been off the charts for years – and it\’s only been of late, that we are hearing about our severe homeless problem, Gavin told everyone he was getting all the homeless off the streets into hotels due to COVID19. HE LIED. Maybe he did a few, for publicity but I know for a fact because I live here, we still have huge numbers of homeless roaming our streets during this pandemic.  Now when I categorize the \”homeless\” I am not talking about good people who have fallen on rough times. The ones we have and that are the majority are the ones that put the citizenry at risk –  the criminal transients that Jerry Brown/Democrat let out of prison back during his term. Not to be left out, Gavin used the pandemic to also release his share of criminals. Why do Democrats always favor the criminals? They want to \”understand\” them. They want to \”help\” them. Yet California\’s crime victim receives none of that concern from Democrats. 
A bay area town I am very familiar with, San Leandro has DEFUNDED their police by $ 1million. They border the crime-infested Oakland.  
LA is redirecting $250 million of city funds – and $150 million from the police department. 
The more conservative San Diego City Council approved Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s proposal to increase the city’s police budget by $27 million. San Diego is a military town. 
In San Jose, Mayor Sam Liccardo said he doesn’t plan to reduce the city’s police budget, arguing that cuts would put poorer communities at risk – and he\’s right. 
I am seeing and hearing about this all up and down my state. This is a runaway train! 
The east bay city of Vallejo defunded its police department 12 years ago. What? Yep, before it was \”cool\” the city was unable to pay its bills after the 2008 financial crisis – and forced to file for bankruptcy – cut the police force nearly in half — to fewer than 80 officers, from a pre-recession high of more than 150. At that time, the working-class city of 122,000 – already was struggling with high rates of violent crime, gangs, and simmering mistrust of the police.  The Democrat SOLUTION: Let\’s DEFUND THE POLICE and it will be UTOPIA!  
That did not work.  In fact, crime rose – there were 20 people killed by Police in 2009 which is a high number for a small city. In 2012 the police shot and killed 6 suspects. Nearly a third of Vallejo\’s homicides were committed by law enforcement.  Vallejo has seen the reality of a smaller police department. Besides the consequences such as decreased responsiveness to burglaries, car thefts, and other lower-priority offenses, Vallejo has learned the hard way that a smaller defunded police force is not necessarily a less deadly one.
NO, I do not want to DEFUND the POLICE. If anything, we need more police. I do kinda want to agree with my Democrat Governor\’s statement although notice how he doesn\’t actually use the word, \”defund?\” He just doesn\’t want to eliminate the police.  The \”looking anew\” is his way of saying, \”make me a deal that I can work with and sell to clueless Californians.\”  
 “If you’re calling for eliminating the police, no. If you’re talking about reimagining the responsibility that we placed on law enforcement to be social workers and mental health workers and involved in disputes where a badge and a gun are unnecessary, I think absolutely this is an opportunity to look anew at all of the above.”  
Gavin Newsom. 

10 thoughts on “California is a HOT MESS

  1. Anonymous August 16, 2020 / 11:54 am

    Crazy and scary times we live in. And frustrating to watch and read about it. I admit I take the cowards way by turning off the TV and distancing myself from the turmoil. It's the only way I know of that will protect my mental health.💖


  2. Anonymous August 16, 2020 / 12:55 pm

    Same with NY. It is so sad we are living in this nightmare. I say nightmare, because that is what it is. We are 6 hrs. west of NYC and yet, we are being treated like criminals; churches closed, businesses at 25% (who can sustain that?), BLM protests are allowed, but yet, no July 4 parade and so on. ETC. ETC. ETC. It's getting scary, truly it is. Not one single citizen has been sick with Covid, not one. Oh I am sure we will be now with transients moving in from NYC, Buffalo, Rochester (high crime areas), oh and crime is going up. No more peaceful porch sitting, leaving keys in vehicles, leaving front doors open, and so on. It's sad, truly it is. But why would our governor care? He calls us \”cows\” at here, yep. Defund the police is the word on the street now. Please excuse my bad attitude. I think its safe to say, we all have had enough.


  3. Anonymous August 16, 2020 / 2:06 pm

    I can say a bit about California because I've lived at various times in it for several years at a time during those times. It is a mess now. I don't even want to go and visit it anymore to see family that are still there. Newsom is a nightmare and I don't think he is up for reelection soon. And don't get me started on Harris and Pelosi that hail from there. It won't ever but it would be nice if it turned to be a red state but other than San Diego perhaps voting red I don't give hope for the rest of the state. And then forget Hollywood and the likes who support Democrats and rioters and protests unless it is in their area and then they want them out. It is just a mess like I said above. It is definitely not the same California I grew up in (moved there at 7 years old and left when I was 29 years old the first time we left) Sorry to be redundant but it is just a mess there.betty


  4. Anonymous August 16, 2020 / 4:24 pm

    I've had to distance myself as well but as we get to the final weeks, I am reading more. We don't have cable news – too much commentary and not enough content.


  5. Anonymous August 16, 2020 / 4:28 pm

    Sounds similar to here – I heard they wanted to cancel the 9-11 memorial but have reconsidered due to the outrage. THAT's what I have issue over. The pick and choose what to cancel or close yet protests and riots they allow.


  6. Anonymous August 16, 2020 / 4:39 pm

    Former Californians are allowed. What I was referring to are some liberal cousins I have that live in Indiana on a farm – she is so removed to what is going on anywhere yet she always supporting some California issue and she knows NOTHING. Plus others that live elsewhere and they praised our Governor. They don't live here – they know nothing. Heck I know left leaning liberals who aren't please with Gavin. Our next Gubernatorial race is 2022. California Republican party is so weak. They are all afraid to run – It's very difficult to \”recall\” a sitting politician. Californians banded together back in 2003 and recalled Democrat Grey Davis. EVERYONE, both Democrats and Republicans worked to get him out and that's when we got the Governator. Lol


  7. Anonymous August 16, 2020 / 7:30 pm

    We love to visit your state, but don’t want to live there. My BF from high school just moved away from the Bay Area to Boise because they couldn’t take it anymore. I never knew the background about Vallejo, I’ve just always read that if you are going to Napa Valley, stay clear of Vallejo!


  8. Anonymous August 17, 2020 / 5:16 am

    Life in these times is difficult for so many


  9. Anonymous August 17, 2020 / 9:37 pm

    It used to be a beautiful state. Most tourist places are getting trashed now.


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