Intense – extreme – whatever!

So we\’re coming up on a few days of really HOT weather. One advantage of having lived for 66 years is, I still remember how the weather WAS. Now the cute little whippersnapper, who does the nightly weather report on Channel 7, is too young to remember what it was like – she has no reference plus she isn\’t from here originally. She knows NOTHING. I quit watching the news weather. I just look at one of 3 weather apps on my phone. I am my own, weather-gal.

This is HOT yes, but it is not abnormal. In fact, we\’ve had a cooler summer this year. This is the first year we have not going 45 days with 105+ 

We all know why weather people do this.

So, all I hear is EXTREME, INTENSE weather is coming. Honestly, I probably won\’t notice that much. Sure it will be HOT. I just won\’t be out as long. So I have to come in a little early. I feel for the school kids that are back in school and those who work outside. That\’s rough. I\’m hoping this is the last hurrah of hot weather this summer but most likely it is not. The local weather and news are so upset that we haven\’t had any major fires this summer so they can scare the hell out of their viewers. Nope, this year we have the Coronavirus. 

Young people having no reference point is an issue on everything these days. And yes, I was once a young person who also didn\’t have a clue what it was really like during the depression or WW2. I get it. But when I was in school we were actually taught critical thinking. We were never, indoctrinated like they are now. I remember kids having a different opinion and it was all okay back then. 

I always feel my blood boil when a young person standing in line at the store; we\’re all lamenting about the weather and then they go off, saying how this is global warming or about climate change. NO, this is normal California HOT northern central valley HEAT. I always tell them to read Up and Down California  1860-1864: The Journal of William H. Brewer who was a young Yale-educated teacher of the natural sciences who eagerly accepted an offer from Josiah Whitney to assist in the first geological survey of the state of California. He traveled more than fourteen thousand miles in the four years he spent in California and spent much of his leisure time writing lively, detailed letters to his brother back East.  EXCELLENT READ!  He mentions how Shasta County was HOT and DRY. He really hated it when they would pass through here in the summer. 

The unfortunate reality is, young people, think they know more than you. They only know what their teachers wanted them to know. No critical thinking required or the teacher allows others to bully the child who is a thinker. I know. I was the kind of student, that just never took what the teacher said as fact. My 5th-grade teacher hated me and allowed me to be bullied. She did a successful job of shutting down my creative process of thinking, calling me a devil\’s advocate, or an instigator simply because I asked deeper questions than the rest of her followers.  My mom said I never outgrew the \”why\” stage of my development. 

W H A T E V E R 

3 thoughts on “Intense – extreme – whatever!

  1. Anonymous August 15, 2020 / 12:59 am

    You are so right; they are not teaching critical thinking but they sure are teaching whatever their agendas area including transgender and same sex marriages. Glad my kids are through with school! Its so funny with the weather people here too. Extreme heat. 116 degrees, 117 degrees, 115 degrees. And it is forecast to be that but really who can tell the difference between 116 degrees and 117 degrees etc. Anything over 110 for me is extreme and uncomfortable.betty


  2. Anonymous August 15, 2020 / 2:07 am

    Our summer has been hotter over all than other years. Not that I am complaining as winter will be here sooner than we think.God bless.


  3. Anonymous August 16, 2020 / 10:26 pm

    We are never happy with the weather


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