My new work list

So, the husband wrote down his daily \”work list\” for me to do.  He\’s laid up for at least 6 weeks. Today the Podiatrist called and he has a Monday appointment. Let me tell you about my husband – He is a former Chief Petty Officer in both the Navy and the Coast Guard where he retired out.  There\’s a saying, 

\”Once a Chief, always a Chief.\”

*Chiefs generally come in one of two varieties, but these are not all-encompassing:  

The Hard-Charger. This Chief never quits, and expects the best out of everyone, at all times. Usually holding a coffee mug in their hand, heavily stained with the remnants of many cups of coffee. The Hard Charger is usually a chief who will expect the job to get done, done right the first time, or if not, to have any deficiencies rectified, immediately. These chiefs are usually considered by subordinates to be difficult to work for and a \”pain in the butt\”. However difficult they may be to work for, the results of working for a hard charger speak for themselves. 

 The lazy chief – the lazy chief also holds the sacred coffee mug of Chiefhood. Most of the work done by the lazy chief is actually accomplished by their leading 1st class or subordinate petty officers/seamen. The lazy chief will often take credit for others\’ hard charging. These chiefs will often, in no particular frequency; come in late without holding ones\’ self accountable to muster times, take extended lunches, skip out of work due to personal requirements off-site, leave early due to inactivity. These chiefs do not always have the best interest of their sailors in mind. These are the chiefs that will end up taking space from hard working sailors, preventing their subsequent promotion to CPO. Furthermore, like the Hard Charger, the results of working for a lazy chief are usually self-evident, which generally include extra time spent fixing what\’s gone wrong, cutting into liberty time. 

 In general, the Chief is a man/woman to respect, admire, and look up to for guidance and advice. Once a Chief, always a Chief.

*Definition of Chief Petty Offices per Urban Dictionary. 

Mine is the \”Hard-Charger.\” and he really does, still walk around always holding a coffee mug of coffee. 

Yes, he will EXPECT me to do the jobs, he has written down for me. And do it right. 

Yes, he can be a pain in the butt and he can be difficult to work with, although he is improving as he gets older. On the most part he is loveable – I guess I am just used to the old grouch! 

He also is a workaholic. The man can\’t relax. He even makes \”busy work\” for himself, a trait from over 20 years in the military. I heard he was hard to work under, yet to this day, occasionally an old subordinate will find him to reconnect.  They still call him Chief. 

I on the other hand am a civilian.  He has met his match with me and he knows it. I will do what needs to be done – just in my timing. And He better not slip into his \”Chief\” mode with me or there will be fireworks. Just saying…

4 thoughts on “My new work list

  1. Anonymous August 13, 2020 / 4:06 am

    I am so tempted sometimes to tell my retired manager of a hubby who at one job had 150 people under him to quit managing me. It's gotten worse in his retirement. I like your philosophy to do what you want on your timing. Good luck with it.Betty


  2. Anonymous August 13, 2020 / 5:13 pm

    So far so good. I have given him some \”chores\” he can do for me, sitting down. He hasn't complained.


  3. Anonymous August 13, 2020 / 11:09 pm

    I am a list maker, I like lists well making them not always doing the stuff on said lists


  4. Anonymous August 15, 2020 / 1:18 pm

    That's the way to keep him in his place! I would be the same way as you!


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