Happy August 1 – A nice visit

Every time I reveal my hidden depression, I feel better. You can\’t keep it bottled up – sharing it to others, on your blog is getting it off your chest.  It\’s healthy. I hope it lasts…

Yesterday morning, I was starting to \”feel it\” again – so I took matters into my own hands – I texted my son,  Navy and asked him if he would come over. I confessed I was a little down and just needed to see him. He didn\’t need to stay long. Come to find out about it, he is so much like me. He has been feeling down as well. He is off Fridays and Saturdays and some Sundays due to being furloughed by the State of California along with a 10% pay cut. 
He came over for lunch – we grilled some hot dogs – I made a pesto pasta salad and we just sat around talking and catching up and shared some good belly laughs! 
I feel so much better now. He was here at noon and stayed till 4pm! 
I\’m thinking maybe later today we might take a drive into the mountains again. I have to check where the fires are so we don\’t get caught in any road closures. I am craving to drive over to Nevada – specifically Virginia City. It\’s one of my long time \”happy places.\” I have gone to, since I was a child. Then again, I have to check whether or not the town and shops are closed. 
Our local newspaper this morning, did a report about the homeless we have in town. Everyone was so concerned about the outbreak with them so the health department gathered 178 homeless, tested them for Covid19 and everyone of them tested negative. Which is curious but then again, perhaps their immunities have kept them safe. It reminds me of a story my husband tells about his Mom and her first born baby daughter. She used to get sick with colds all the time as a toddler. The pediatrician actually wrote out a paper prescription, telling his mom, to let her play in the dirt!  This was in 1949. 
Also I remember years ago, when I was a young Mom and many in my mom groups were crazed over antibiotics. Their child would get a cold and they demanded anti-biotics whereas I wouldn\’t. I had read that our children would eventually build up immunities to even the anti-biotics and they wouldn\’t work when they really needed them – and that one day we would see a \”super-bug\” that would be immune to any antibiotic. My sons were always pretty healthy. I think each boy had 1 ear infection each. Other than that, they were healthy with just normal colds and flus. 
I don\’t know – Navy told me he got called under the rug for not wearing his mask right. No one would allow him to explain himself. He said both times, he had things in his hands, and his mask had just fallen below his nose –  right when a supervisor walks by. Oh well. He said the management made it out like he is this rebel non mask wearer which is not true. He LOVES those Veterans and is a veteran himself. It was just a fluke. He works on the Covid wing which is in the Memory Care side and they only have had 1 who died. On the other side of the VA HOME is RCFE – residential Care for the elderly who do not need skilled nursing. My FIL is in SNF (pronounced Sniff)  The residents who live in RCFE can come and go as they please. So they can bring it in. They are not allowed to visit the other neighborhoods but they do. Even the elderly are starting to rebel. He said one old guy went to visit a pal in the other neighborhood and they found out and made him stay in his room for 5 days to wait for his test which came back negative! 
It\’s hard to keep free people locked down especially our elderly veterans. We talked to Pops on video chat yesterday and he gets mad about all of this, wishing they would just let them do what they want. Sorry Dad, but you are in a state run facility and they do take good care of him. We try to explain and he will agree but then he goes right back to getting mad and frustrated. 
It\’s hard on everybody! 

4 thoughts on “Happy August 1 – A nice visit

  1. Anonymous August 2, 2020 / 6:20 am

    Good you got together with Navy and spent some time with him. That really is essential these days. So much can be done 'safely' with social distancing and still seeing those we love. I have a special place in my heart for the homeless. I feel so much for them during this time because every place they went to in order to try to escape the heat is close (libraries, some fast food dine in areas, etc.) We're going to see a rise in homeless deaths because of our heat and their inability to get adequate resources but that will be buried in the covid 19 numbers. We give a small amount monthly to rescue missions wherever we have lived. My son growing up was always so sick because his older sister brought home sicknesses. He was always in the doctor's office but the doctor/nurse said when he got to school he would have a lot of immunity built into him and wouldn't miss that much school and that turned out to be true for him. I think the same would have held true for this virus if things didn't pan out like they did and states were closed forever. There are so many words that make me cringe when I hear them these days. Social distancing. Covid 19. Mask up. You are safer at home but stay connected. I'm so done with this. I really am. On the plus side we voted today and it was the safest experience I have done since this stupid virus started months ago. I will continue to vote in person and not by mailI'm just done with it all. betty


  2. Anonymous August 2, 2020 / 11:00 pm

    Sounds like a nice visit was had, I cannot go out to shopping centres and who knows when I will next vist a shopping cenntre, two words that annoy me are \”stay calm\” or \”calm down\”


  3. Anonymous August 3, 2020 / 3:37 pm

    I'm so glad you were able to get together and spend some time with your son. Sometimes, our kids have the cure for most of what ails us…In all honesty I\”m really getting sick of all the restrictions. Homeless people should have been and should be dropping like flies. They didn't and aren't..I know the virus is real and I understand how one could die from it. I had it and there were a few times I was sure I was on my way out but there is SO MUCH BS surrounding it all.. I feel so badly for the people in the care homes. They are suffering worse than any of us.. All of this needs to stop… That's how I see my blog. Almost like therapy for me. It helps to write and get my thoughts out of my head.. I hope you'll always keep posting. I enjoy your blogs. XO


  4. Anonymous August 3, 2020 / 6:30 pm

    Same here. If I didn't have this blog to just pound out my frustrations, I would go loony tunes! Yeah there are a lot of confusion and things that just don't make any sense. It is funny though, the article about the homeless, made many people mad. I guess they wanted bad news rather than some positive news.


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