Things that make me go, "hmmmmmm?"

Our local mega church cult here in Redding held a worship service on Wednesday evening at the  Sundial Bridge. A local blogger reported 5000 people attended. EXTREME exaggeration. Maybe 200-300 hundred mostly young people. 
Now this is where it gets tricky for me. Most know, I do not support Bethel. I am NOT a Fan.  I live here. I see them, up front and personal. I know their shenanigans. I hold their fake prophets and Apostles such as Bill Johnson, and Kris Vallatton totally responsible for their heretic teachings that come out of their church, their Bethel TV and their Bethel music.  I absolutely can\’t stand them. 
HOWEVER, it has me sit up and take notice when a Governor tells the churches they cannot sing or chant at their worship services. 
Places of worship must therefore discontinue singing and chanting activities and limit indoor attendance to 25% of building capacity or a maximum of 100 attendees, whichever is lower. 

Gavin Newsom
Every Church, Temple, Synagogue, Mosque, Ward, Hall, Coven… has a right to worship their god and the Government should stay the hell out of it. Chanting and Singing is a fundamental part of worship. The mandate also included bible studies and in home fellowship groups. 
Now if I was in charge, I wouldn\’t have held that event.  It comes off selfish even though I get it. You\’re mad that your God-given right to worship is being snuffed out. I would have made them sit down, and read John 13;34 –  \”Love one another.\”   
Well thank you very much Sean Feucht (Bethel worship leader) – you may have just put Shasta County on the Governors \”Watch List.\” (The SHIT LIST!) That will mean, no school for the children, and more businesses having to shut down and risk going out of business. What a selfish JERK who just wanted publicity. And he got it. UP and down the state, California churches are suing the State of California. I don\’t have a problem with that. That\’s what Bethel should have done. Now Pastor John MacArthur says Grace Community Church \”has duty to remain open.\”  Oy Vey…
In the beginning of this pandemic, California churches complied with the Government, as they should have. It was a good witness. (John 13;34)  The closing down of churches, didn\’t bother many smaller ones, but the Mega churches, were having a fit.  When California Governor, Gavin Newsom made it a mandate they could no longer \”sing\” and \”worship\” have in home fellowship groups and bible studies – that is where he crossed the line.  See, these are my people. I am a Christian. For people who do not believe in God, they don\’t get how important worship and fellowshipping is for us. Now for us, we haven\’t attended since the outbreak. We have been perfectly fine, live streaming at home.  I\’ve never understood why so many atheists feel so threatened by Christians that they want to stamp out anything having to do with Christ. What\’s it to you? You don\’t believe, fine then, move on.  If I choose to and I am wrong, I have lost nothing. On the other hand, if you\’re wrong…
Any faith-based person has to step back and think about that – That wasn\’t a mere suggestion or a recommendation; it’s a government mandate.  even if you agree with me, that Bethel\’s Sean Feucht should have handled the Governors mandate in a better way. Bethel gathered to make a point. They bucked the political establishment – Time will tell. They have either made it worse for the smaller local churches here in California or made it better. As for the Covid19 outbreak, time will tell on that as well. 
This has to be said 
I\’m not always easy on my fellow Christians. They are human. There are good ones and there are jerks. I choose to follow my Lord and Savior not other Christians. Many believers these day, follow \”personalities\” and mega churches and put more stock into what they say, than they should. I also don\’t consider myself part of the Religious Right. Shocking, huh? There are some that are charlatans and fakes with President Trump and I refuse to align myself with them. I am me. I don\’t need a personality, a church or the religious right to speak for me. 

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  1. Anonymous July 26, 2020 / 11:36 pm

    I have to tell you I struggle with the fact our church (small size definitely not mega) hasn't reopened yet though several other churches here have. We were supposed to reopen August 2nd but with our surges they postponed it. I miss gathering together in person to worship. We faithfully have listened to all the online worship services since March 22nd which was the first week our church went online only. I always take notes of the sermons and I've been marking the title of them, who is speaking, and the date of course with in parentheses (at home). We used to listen to the worship part (didn't sing, just listen) but these days we just quickly scroll through it unless hubby is playing and then he wants to listen to how it came out. Our church tapes the worship separately on Tuesday nights, not sure when the pastor tapes his sermon, and then things go on YouTube and the church site Saturdays. I like seeing other people worshiping Jesus and I also like to watch other people engage in the sermon. Oh well.Having said that, Bethel probably shouldn't have had their worship service crowded like that. However, I did see in San Diego they have had some prayer events but I did see pictures of one held about a month ago that people were socially distanced. I feel churches need to be opened and prayer services need to be taking place. Our country needs lots of prayers.One of our churches we attended when we lived in the San Diego area is struggling during the pandemic and might not be able to be sustainable. They have a year to see what will happen so they are taking the month of August to pray for God to reveal his vision/mission for the church to them. The pastor said in his sermon today that he feels with the pandemic and life beyond that churches will be digital organizations with physical locations, meaning lots more online and through technology . He said the methods might change on how we gather but the message must never change (the good news, the gospel). betty


  2. Anonymous July 27, 2020 / 10:24 pm

    I am not a church goer but I believe in God and I pray a lot like every day


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