Pizza anyone?

Finally got the van back yesterday morning. The AC is 30 degrees colder than outside. It was well worth it. 
I get so confused about what is mandatory, required but is it LAW? and what is not. Today I went to the store, and it said, 
\”No Mask No Service\” 

It wasn\’t that way a week ago. The last I heard, we are not on the \”watch list for the 31 counties\”. I call it the shit list. 
I wear my mask but it does get hot, even inside the store. They really should pump up the AC, while shopping. I start to feel beads of sweat on my brow – I rip that mask off, as soon as I get out the front door. (social distancing, of course)  I\’m really getting tired of all of this. So many mixed messages.  And just the fact that I have to make that exception when I comment or say anything before people jump down your throat. Now, if I had said, 
\”I rip that mask off, as soon as I get out the front door\” 
 how many of you thought: 
\”Hmmmm I hope she social distanced from others before ripping that mask off?\”

We\’re all on each other like flies on, you know what! 
I am so tired of living like this. Everyone is down, depressed. I am starting to believe we should just \”have at it.\” The older folk understand and play it safe; the young people are the ones out spreading it. They believe have nothing to fear. 
You know, we\’re not promised we are not going to die from this. We don\’t know. I take all the necessary precautions, and I could still get it. I don\’t know if the mask wearers are wearing clean masks. For all I know, they could be wearing some old infected mask, just because they are told they have to. I haven\’t see Navy and Sara since May. I miss them. We haven\’t seen Char either. Now, she rides the city bus. She is exposed. Plus she does housecleaning at a Hotel. Her mask doesn\’t help her. 
I wonder about things, like if Covid19 is so contagious and deadly then why do we not have biohazard bins for mask and gloves?  Did you know as with flu-contaminated hospital waste, medical waste like gowns, facemasks, and patient tissues isn’t regulated waste. It may come as a shock, but if a patient blows her nose, the discarded tissue isn’t classified as biohazardous by the CDC or other regulatory bodies.
2020 really sucks. We have 5 more months…you really think it will all be behind us as we start 2021??? 

6 thoughts on “Pizza anyone?

  1. Anonymous July 24, 2020 / 1:45 pm

    It will be behind us depending on who wins the election. Its not a conspiracy theory but we are being played. Might have said it before but hubby says we are playing a game with this all, he just hasn't quite figured out the game yet. I tend to agree. I too rip the mask off when I get out the door where I have to wear it and I keep it right at chin level until the minute I enter the store. And you are right; I feel hot in it and more sweaty. I too wish they would bump the air conditioning up a bit. I still want to throw my hands up in the air when I drive by someone who is all alone walking with no one in sight and they are wearing a mask . I'm pretty tired of it all and I agree, open it all up. I told hubby back in March when this all started that realistically one of us could die from it or have a family member die of it. We just have to trust God (and go and sing at a Bethel worship service) (tongue in cheek on that last phrase). Trust God!!!betty


  2. Anonymous July 24, 2020 / 3:11 pm

    Well, my opinion probably isn't popular but, here goes. Is the virus real? yes it is. I have had four doctors tell me I had it in January and I can tell you, if that was it, this virus is WICKED. I was never so sick in my life and I've been chronically ill for over 25 yrs and at one point bed ridden so I know what sick is. What I had in January, February and into March? Was WAY worse than that!… Now as far as all these \”mandates?\”.. It's ALL bullshit….I am not wearing a mask, for a few reason. 1. Do not TELL me what to do. Ask me.. 2. I can NOT breath in them. 3. Masks do NOT filter viruses and that's just medical science. They DO NOT filter viruses. Could they help? Possibly… If I were in my late 50's , 60's etc then yes, I probably would wear a mask, maybe. My family decided two months ago they were not coming down for vacation because of this damn virus. Well my oldest nephew who pays for it all turned around the other day and said, \”screw this, we are going on vacation, we are going to see Aunt Robby, I'm tired of this and I miss her\” so my family is coming and I can't wait to see them!… We can not live like this. I am not saying people shouldn't take precautions of whatever they feel comfortable with but this is a virus. Medical science can NOT cure a virus yet and until they can this virus is here to stay. Our best hopes right now is medications (which there are some) to help lessen the severity of the virus just like the flu. If people don't start understanding that they will be locked up in their houses until their last breath and I'm sorry but, that's no way to live.. For myself, I put myself, my husband and my family in the the Lords hands. I don't want to get sick, I don't want any of them to get sick but I am letting Him guide me and make the decisions. I refuse to live in the fear that certain political hacks would like us to so they can move further with their agenda. As for stores with the no mask no shop… Fine with me, I\”ll go somewhere else…And by the way, when you said you rip your mask off soon as you get out of the store, I did not think \”Gee, did she social distance?\” my first thought was \”no shit girl you can't breath in them!\”…. LOL XO


  3. Anonymous July 24, 2020 / 7:35 pm

    Yeah my husband believes it is all bunk. When he is with me, he wears his mask – but I am sure he doesn't when I am not around. Like at the VFW. That is his place to go to and talk about all of this. And I am sure you heard about what Bethel did the other evening. It's crazy – I believe in their right to hold a worship service because we Christians serve God not Caesar but its the way they lied and are now blaming others and backtracking. I still am not comfortable attending church – but I think it's more that I am an introvert than anything else.


  4. Anonymous July 24, 2020 / 7:45 pm

    I agree with all you said – I also don't like to be TOLD what to do either and I am surprised at some of my friends I knew back in the 60's, who used to hate our government, protested everything are now complying like a sheep to slaughter. They refuse to try and find out their own answers to this. I have always had trust issues – and problems with authority. So yeah, I am starting to question it all. It sounds like trying to topple our economy is the real agenda.


  5. Anonymous July 25, 2020 / 12:36 pm

    Let's see. The democratic countries have it, the communist countries have it, the socialist countries have it, the religious countries have it, ….hard to call it all bunk and a conspiracy to destroy is. By who?


  6. Anonymous July 25, 2020 / 11:19 pm

    I thought 2019 was a shocking year but 2020 is by far worse but I will get through it home alone for most of it


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