Strange bedfellows and Political leftovers

Some things never change  

A cRaZy RANT (deep thoughts) 

Let\’s face it – EVERYONE HAS AN AGENDA! It is up to us, (not the news media, or your favorite commentator) to find out what it is. The internet has made people lazy. They just take the words of Rachel Maddow or Sean Hannity as gospel truth. We unplugged from cable 7 years ago. The best thing we ever did. I no longer watch any cable news or follow any popular commenter and yes, we did go through a bit of withdrawal. It\’s is especially hard when something major happens –

Now days so many of my friends and family seem to spout forth their favorite and popular political ideology and agenda of someone else without taking the time to actually research on their own if they really believe and trust that person\’s word.  Now it\’s \”My-Way-or-the-Highway\” types of discussions, tweets, and Facebook posts. People are more afraid of not being liked than to stand up and have a slightly different opinion – I mean come on, now, we all can\’t believe in exactly the same things? I may agree with someone but there are always a few things I disagree with. Or is that just me? I have always been my own person. Even within my own family and friends, I will disagree with them and most of the time, they get mad.  I believe there are many of your friends and family who may \”agree\” with you in person but who hold a totally different opinion than you think. And in the voting box! You\’ll never know…

I have certain issues that are my top causes. Let\’s call it my A-List. The rest, while important might have to take a backseat to that list.  So why would I vote for someone who doesn\’t hold to what I believe is essential to me and doesn\’t even make my top 10 on my A list of causes?  Sure the other party may have an issue I agree with but does it make my A list?

Then I look at the politician. I do my own homework. I try not to let personality get in the way of my causes. That\’s HARD!  Because deep down, I don\’t care for any politician nor do I trust them. I am not a bandwagoner with any politician.  So here you are, you\’re dealing with someone, you wouldn\’t care to ever sit down and have a cup of coffee, but he comes alongside your core beliefs.  Dang, there you go,  you\’re sitting down and having a cup of coffee with him.  That\’s politics folks.  Maybe one could call that \”compromising.\” or wasting your vote. I would think to compromise would be to vote for a party that I mostly don\’t agree with, thus compromising my own core issues. Nope can\’t do that. I can never understand why someone from party A says to someone in Party B, \”Why won\’t you vote for Candidate C? BECAUSE we have a different political ideology. What\’s so hard to understand? We\’re all different.

Honestly, nowadays, I think people are looking for a Savior! Sorry but not sorry, that took place 2000+ years ago. There is no man or woman alive, that can make everyone happy and live in peace; except One.

I was thinking about past elections – I haven\’t been excited about a Presidential election in years. It always seems we are never voting for our best. For many years, we seem to always be voting for lesser of 2 evils. Granted, sometimes those in office will rise to the occasion or others will falter.  No wonder we have the issues going on in our country! No one good will run anymore. It\’s like we get the political \”leftovers\” or misfits!

We need term limits – we have too many old people in Congress and the Senate. By them still sitting in their seats, it keeps younger fresh people with new ideas from holding office. We really have to do something about our political gene pool.

6 thoughts on “Strange bedfellows and Political leftovers

  1. Anonymous July 15, 2020 / 12:00 am

    So true. People are just plain lazy. They swallow whatever so-called-news is the loudest. Like sheep… -sigh-I like your A-List. And vote for whom ever is for one's A-List. Isn't that called Logic? I don't vote for whomever some so-called celebrity or loud mouth, tells me I have to. Yish…Thank you for this post.πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


  2. Anonymous July 15, 2020 / 9:20 am

    The last thing we need are term limits. Big part of Michigan's problem. Newly elected officials have to bow to the party elders who have way too much power. Sorry, but that is one of the reasons I left politics where I held an elected position for over 20 years. All politicians are not crooks! But I know many good folks who will not run for election because of all the nastiness – another reason I left. And what exactly is wrong with us 'old folks' who have experience and actually have lived through some of the past issues we now deal with? And if I don't like your US senator, it should not give me the right to term limit him. Let your state vote him out. No need for term limits. Oh, you really hit a nerve!


  3. Anonymous July 15, 2020 / 1:34 pm

    I truly agree about term limits and I can think of one politician from California that should have been voted out years ago; she would be a perfect person to have had only limited terms to run. My prayer for this election coming up is that people are informed voters. So many people vote on feelings \”I don't like him or her\” rather than know what they stand for. They allow mainstream media influence them. I'm studying each candidate on all positions we are voting for and then prayerfully going to consider them. I agree with your \”A\” list and how you sort through your process.There is a lot going on out there; people really need to be informed and just read and listen and form their own conclusions.betty


  4. Anonymous July 15, 2020 / 6:17 pm

    I try not to make important decisions on anything based on \”emotion\”. It's hard though and getting harder all the time.In the past I have made a list on candidates good and bad. It works for me.


  5. Anonymous July 15, 2020 / 10:19 pm

    A bloody good read with some bloody good points we all need to be informed but many are not


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