Dehydration and Pre-teen neighborhood punks

It is harder for me to handle the heat when it goes above 100. It occurred to me, that I was probably dehydrated and or, my blood pressure dropped due to dehydration. That\’s been a major problem for me, since living up here. I took my blood pressure and the machine wouldn\’t \”register\” my BP and that usually means it is low when that happens. It has been recently calibrated. I\’ll keep an eye on myself – it\’s not that big of a deal to risk getting something worse at the hospital or doctor office when I think I know what it is. The same symptoms. Thanks for the concern, though. IT does make one realize, I\’m not getting younger and my health will inevitably start to decline. It\’s just a matter of \”when?\”

Here they come –

I also was very tired – and the nap helped. I didn\’t sleep well the other night due to reports of a group of pre-teens kids out creating mayhem in the neighborhood at around 11-1am. Nothing major but it needs to stop. Destroying and throwing flower pots into the street, opening up manhole covers, hauling big rocks from people\’s yards, along with garden furniture and leaving them in the street. Knocking over garbage cans, and turning on the water to run all night long. They are also, trying to destroy video cameras which, could get them into more trouble. The cops have been alerted. Not much they can do really.

\”Here I come\”

Just typical punk-ass stuff. This one turned on the water and it was on all night.


I know. I used to do that stuff when I was a pre-teener. Mostly we did the classic, knock on doors and ran away, turn their water on or turn off their electricity at the box. They\’d come out and look around and we thought that was so funny. Never anything more than that. I never got caught either. It was one summer, that I got a bit punky – the summer before 7th grade. What goes around, comes around and little did I know back then, it would bug me, that these little punks are doing this. I mean, I understand it – yes it could become more criminal but these pre-teens are just having fun and the boys are trying to impress the girls. I belong to NextDoor and everyone has been posting their videos of them. Nothing happened last night – which makes me believe that their parents or someone who knew them, has and how embarrassing to see your kids \”in action.\” So we\’re on to them.

We need to make the purchase of video surveillance cameras.

9 thoughts on “Dehydration and Pre-teen neighborhood punks

  1. Anonymous July 10, 2020 / 11:31 pm

    Never did any of those things when I was young and stupid. Oh wait, I once smashed a kids jack-o-lantern when I was drunk about 52 years ago, I thought it was funny until I sobered up, and I have felt bad about it ever since.


  2. Anonymous July 11, 2020 / 4:31 am

    Do keep hydrated! This heat can be a \”killer\” as you know. No excuse but I'm sure the kids are so bored with being quarantined for so long etc. Can't be classified as innocent fun but almost seems like it is. They got to find a way to channel their energy into something constructive. Love the Next Door app. I find out so much that is going on around me on it. betty


  3. Anonymous July 12, 2020 / 1:43 am

    When we were young we could do silly, dangerous, and somewhat stupid things without fear of it being caught on tape.


  4. Anonymous July 13, 2020 / 9:18 pm

    You were a pretty good kid, like my husband.


  5. Anonymous July 13, 2020 / 9:18 pm

    So far its been quiet. I bet their folks found out


  6. Anonymous July 13, 2020 / 9:20 pm

    Kids now days – don't have the luxuries that we had; no videos, no cell phones, no special apps to alert the neighbors…


  7. Anonymous July 13, 2020 / 11:22 pm

    Debby, that's too bad that the neighborhood kids are playing pranks right now. It's kind of frustrating with these times that we are in. But I think it's great that you are understanding and remembering what it was like to be a pre teen. Glad nothing serious happened though – just keep on the look out. Be safe. I've never heard of NextDoor. Sounds like you have some support from the neighbors.~Sheri


  8. Anonymous July 14, 2020 / 5:25 pm

    Next Door is an App – you should look into it. Great tool to let you know what is going on, in your neighborhood.


  9. Anonymous July 15, 2020 / 12:06 am

    Never did that stuff, and don't think lightly of it, now.Especially in this present time, when it's OK, for some, to loot and burn and cause mayhem in the streets.None of this is \”OK\”.


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