showing solidarity safely at home

Spotted in our town – coming for our local peace march

Yes, the peaceful protest is tonight at 6:30 in a retail area. The chief of police is supposed to walk hand in hand with the promoter. So hopefully this should go well. Facebook keyboard detectives have warned that a bunch load of \”troublemakers\” from Portland are here in Redding. Honestly, the photo they used looks photo-shopped. I just can\’t believe it. Isn\’t it against the law for out-of-the-area people coming in? What about the virus? My son said he heard a rumor that truckers closed down I-5 just north of us. I sure hope this is peaceful.

I\’m staying out of it. I don\’t run fast anymore – and am not as light on my feet as I used to be. I have no good reason to get involved in all of this. I figure I did sit-ins, during the \’60s and \’70s. If this all turns sideways, I don\’t want to be there.

I will show my solidarity safely at home.

Funny and kind of hypocritical that many who were adamant about not leaving their house due to the virus, are out there mixing it up and not social distancing. My 67 yr old friend I have known since I was 18 and she was 19 – she told me on Sunday, she feels like she wants to break windows because she is so mad. That bothered me. I\’m upset about the injustice of it all, too –  but I can\’t see or understand the looting and destruction. I donated to a go-fund-me- account of a black business owner in Minneapolis that had his bar burned down. It was so sad when I saw him, crying. He hadn\’t even opened yet due to Covid19 – That\’s just not right. He was a Minneapolis firefighter as well. This morning I heard he raised over a million dollars! Good for him! I wish him abundant success.

Confusing times we are in and I hate to be pessimistic – because I am more of a realist – okay maybe I am a pessimistic realist – when it comes to politics. I don\’t think things will ever be the same. I think we will be seeing social unrest into Nov elections and if Trump should win, his next 4 years will be more of the same; possibly worse with an assassination attempt. Gosh, I don\’t really care for Trump\’s personality. I do respect the office and I just see things differently. Plus I try not to be a Hater. Yeah, and that takes constant work. Hate does not become me.

I was doubled over in stomach pain all day yesterday. There is nothing I can do. I have to try and eat things that won\’t bother my stomach and stay away from the news – basically, I have to live in La La Land which is hard to do when everyone is talking about it. Like right now, I have this area in my stomach that just burns – it feels like it is burning a hole. I TRY and find some peace; I\’m working on a portion of my yard to make it a serenity garden. Even when I am digging or plotting out the yard, my mind is thinking. I can\’t turn off my brain!

Now off to the garden…

6 thoughts on “showing solidarity safely at home

  1. Anonymous June 2, 2020 / 8:33 pm

    You hit the nail on the head. I feel the same. I am not feeling a lot of anxiety. I do feel concern for my mother and my two handicapped siblings. All this turmoil will affect us all in the pocketbooks. I just hope I can keep their lifestyle up. My mother discusses politics and the riots. She dislikes Trump in that he is not up to the job and never was. He is a good salesman who has sold himself to many people. But you would get a chuckle on her take of everything that is going on. Mom actually agree with Trump that we should lock the protesters/rioters up for ten years. I said mom, we can't lock up the country's 20 somethings. At least that is what I see protesting here. On the news, the police chief in Warner Robins is hanging out getting good vibes from everyone. It did make me smile. I do think there are some hardcore anarchist that are creating the serious damage. But that sort is slippery. They are great about leaving someone else holding the bag.


  2. Anonymous June 2, 2020 / 10:27 pm

    Listen to praise music, just not Bethel or Hilldong and the like. That helps me not to think. I think we have to be cautious with what we hear. Some truths. Some not. My fear is the curfews are great but what happens when they get lifted? Is this a calm before the storm? I am upset about his senseless death but not to the point of violence. I can't imagine infecting harm on a fellow person or someone's property. Betty


  3. Anonymous June 2, 2020 / 10:33 pm

    It's a terrible thing to live in fear, which millions already under stress from the pandemic now face with riots and insanity just around the corner from where they live. My husband and I donated to rebuild the disability-accessible playground in our area that was destroyed after a peaceful protest. I am not going to march. And, like you, I don't understand the looting although its apparent now that at least some of it is caused by outside bad actors out to spread terror and make trouble. I am a native of the Bronx in New York City and I hurt for my city and my Bronx.


  4. Anonymous June 3, 2020 / 4:16 pm

    Living on an Island right now allows me to avoid the anxiety you are dealing with. We have peace and tranquility here as well as the soothing movement of the ocean. I seldom watch the news but do listen to Fox news on the radio in the car when I am running errands but lately have switched even that over to music. I have to think of my own sanity first. It's so upsetting, all of it. Take care of yourself first is my motto.💖


  5. Anonymous June 3, 2020 / 11:30 pm

    Safe at home sounds smart. I support peaceful protests but have no time for rioters


  6. Anonymous June 6, 2020 / 3:54 am

    I have been having trouble sleeping. This is just one more log on the fire of late-night thoughts in my brain, but the helplessness is debilitating. I hope you find a good remedy for the anxious tummy.


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