Remember that \”issue\” my FIL was having with cancer on a private part? It\’s getting worse and it is painful for him to urinate. This was just a week or so ago, so the cancer is spreading fast. He went to the specialist yesterday – he has to have a Partial Penectomy Procedure. You look it up.

This could do him in – one way or the other and he is still making his own decisions. He has agreed to have it done. We\’re waiting for an appointment at UC Davis. The Specialists there could rule against it due to his age. So I don\’t know what to expect other than he is 94 and this is not good.

I feel so bad for him.


This morning I went out shopping so I could get out before the heat hits. It was hot wearing the mask inside the stores, but I did it. It\’s only going to get up to 99 today but once we hit the 100\’s, I think we\’re going to see people either leaving them off or passing out.

Governor Newsom says we are moving into stage 3, come June.  That means barbers and Salons and Gyms. Thrift stores have already opened – Char\’s place hasn\’t yet. I don\’t know why so she\’s still out of a job.  Today they have opened up many businesses. Dressing rooms are still closed in clothing stores. Some businesses REQUIRE a mask and others STRONGLY RECOMMEND. Some people are refusing to patronize a small business that requires a mask. I mean, WTH?  Oh, let\’s keep penalizing small businesses just for YOU. Yeah, it\’s not desirable, but get over yourselves!

People are just so polarized – what used to be 2 camps; now there are 6. None of them agree. Opposing views are multiplying faster than the actual virus. Regarding churches: One camp, won\’t attend if they have to wear a mask. Another won\’t attend if they won\’t allow singing. One won\’t attend if they social distance. One camp won\’t attend if they have to make online reservations due to limiting attendance. One won\’t attend if they are following State and County guidelines – those are grounds to leave that church because they are \”sheeple.\” I mean, REALLY?

Those that want to go back to work, are being called selfish and greedy. Oh please. They\’re greedy about their low paying job? That is so unfair. So now, if you want to work, you\’re the bad guy!

I saw some video of a crowd yelling at some gal in a grocery store in New Jersey for not wearing a mask. They were violently-scary-type- MAD.

Yep, it\’s best for me to just stay home with the husband and the animals – gardening and living a simple life. They all can fight with each other – I\’m not joining in.

Here is the INFORMATION on the new Blogger. 

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  1. Anonymous May 27, 2020 / 7:52 pm

    Thanks for the info about the new Blogger! Your poor FIL. I know of the procedure only in my past work and typing it. I decided if someone yells at us for not wearing a mask I will immediately leave that place. Don't want any confrontations. Churches are reopening here but big issue is what to do with kid ministries. A lot of churches are thinking family type services. Ours hasn't released an open date. I am thinking August since the pastor always takes July off to prepare sermon series for the upcoming year.On another note if you haven't seen the movie American Gospel do so. I found it on Netflix. Very well done!Betty


  2. Anonymous May 27, 2020 / 8:38 pm

    I dont like the new Blogger…sighHere in NY it is mandated /ordered by Executive Order to wear a mask in public and/or 6 ft social distancing can't be enforced. Whatever. I am not doing it anymore, I have asthma and it has been so blasted hot and humid here. One MUST wear one in the stores. I took mine off as soon as I walked in yesterday–some folks gave me looks and I promptly said to myself (out loud) I have asthma, go ahead and my day is what I really wanted to say, its just miserable. NY is still on Pause, no word when or IF we won't be. Phase 2 is suppose to be on Friday–no word yet. I think I mentioned we are 6 hrs west of NYC. Still no traveling allowed etc.I am so sorry for your fil…keeping in prayer. (I looked that up–and I shall refrain from commenting.)


  3. Anonymous May 28, 2020 / 2:46 am

    I am so sorry about your father in law. That is not a good thing. My older brother and father died from massive heart attacks. I miss them. But, it was definitely a better way to exit this world. With my mother who is 89, she worries about different health issues which is due to her age. You do just feel so bad for them. I hope the surgery is a success.All these opinions are so tiresome. Most whites here go maskless. This is big Trump country. I think Trump is overwhelmed but this wear no mask thing is a bizarre ideation he propagating. I wear the mask and avoid going to stores period. The worst is that I looked at what I spent in April and I spent a great deal. You would think I would have spent less. But we have eaten a more healthy diet.


  4. Anonymous May 28, 2020 / 6:16 am

    Glad you stopped by, yep, guess we are both Gidget fans! I thought she was so cool and loved the movies. A few of our thrift stores are opening this week–there are alot of restrictions!–must have an appointment to enter store, must wear mask, only have exactly 45 minutes to shop and 15 minutes to pay/check out, no more. Not sure how this will all work, hopefully people will be patient and things will go smoothly. Hope your week is going well and your FIL makes the right decisions and is strong and safe.


  5. Anonymous May 28, 2020 / 10:00 am

    Several years ago I rode the Durango to Silverton Railway in Colorado and had one of those bandannas to keep the smoke out since I had the window open on the train. Gave it to the grandson and think I need to ask for it back, lol.People are pretty stupid in general and now we can add crazy to the mix. We shut down a country so we wouldn't overwhelm the health system. Brilliant decision?


  6. Anonymous May 28, 2020 / 10:32 pm

    Looked up Partial Penectomy Procedure, now I feel for you FIL that is terrible.Things are opening up slowly here


  7. Anonymous June 1, 2020 / 2:47 am

    I'm so sorry to hear about your father-in-law, Debby. That's so sad. I hope he gets some answers from UC Davis. I lived only 30 minutes from there when I lived in Nor Cal. All these places opening back up is a concern for me. Even when they do open, you won't see me at restaurants or shopping in the near future.~Sheri


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