Life continues

We are soft touches when it comes to living things – Spot is hanging in there and Sharky continues to give Spot some encouragement. I joined a Facebook Goldfish community. I was told it couldn\’t hurt to treat them both to a fish-antibiotic. Who would have known? It could be parasites. So I went down to the pet store and thankfully they were open. I bought what we needed, and we placed 10 drops into the tank. The treatment is every other day for 3 days. Squeezing the cooked pea shells off and then 2 peas each. Other than that, we wait.  I have had to stop sitting there, watching him. I start to cry. I even had a tummy ache last evening. Sympathy pains?

Meanwhile, we\’re trying to keep our mind off him while he recovers. The husband has torn down a portion of the back fence to replace – and the landscapers have come to do our front yard in river rocks. A lot is going on.

Each day the weather gets warmer. Supposed to hit the 100\’s in a couple of days. I don\’t see many people will still comply with the wearing of a mask. I sure hope the heat kills it, but I don\’t believe they have proved that yet. I get hot while wearing them in stores and my glasses fog up.

Tehama county next to us might be opening up barbers and hair salons. I can wait a couple more weeks, but I\’m sure many will go down there. At least it goes toward small businesses. I haven\’t been following the latest statistics – it was giving me a stomach ache so I decided to \”social distance\” from the news. I am much more productive and happier. I mean, I know what is going on. I don\’t need to follow it minute by minute, hour by hours like in those early days. I get all I need to know in with the evening local news.

Pops is awfully proud of his homegrown radishes. Tomorrow is his birthday. 

4 thoughts on “Life continues

  1. Anonymous May 23, 2020 / 4:04 am

    Happy birthday to Pops! I like his radishes! Glad you got the medicine for Spot. I have disliked the news coverage of the virus from day one but I have learned to tolerate watching it so I can be aware of what to watch out for. Betty


  2. Anonymous May 23, 2020 / 5:52 am

    Yes life continues better then not continuing because that would mean we are dead


  3. Anonymous May 24, 2020 / 12:59 am

    Pops looks like such a sweet man. But I know he is a handful from what you have said. One thing about an elderly mother, women don't have to boss as much. Her big activity everyday is I get her in the kitchen to help me prepare the meal if she is up to it. Luckily, she enjoys her television and newspaper. Her two dogs are big helps too.I hope your fish is on the mend. They have personalities too. I worked with a teacher who swore the 14 year plus lizard she had loved the children. I was dubious. One day I came in her classroom and I saw the lizard responding to one of her students. She was right. Currently we have four wildish kittens living on our back porch. I hope they come around. Their mother is the guest cat. I'm taking her to the vet next week. I am truly hoping she is not pregnant again.


  4. Anonymous May 26, 2020 / 5:28 pm

    I'm a BELIEVER!!! It is amazing the rapport we have with our backyard critters – they seem to know us. The hummingbirds, look in the window and chirp, when their food is low. WE even have a frog that sits next to me – knowing I won't do any jerking moves to scare it away. Just sits…


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