Fun with Pops

We had our window visit with Pops. Nice to see him. He doesn\’t like wearing his hearing aids.  He tries to \”fool\” us by attempting to read our lips because he knows we get on him about those darn hearing aids. There was a little delay on the video chat – It was confusing him. He was looking out the window, trying to read our lips and listening to the video. 
How\’s your garden? 
\”I don\’t have no cotton-picking organ. Never been musically inclined.\”
No Pops, your garden – have you been planting in your garden?
\”No, I haven\’t been playing my organ.\”
Trying to phrase it differently… 
Dad, are your plants starting to grow? 
\”What does that have to do with an organ?\”
So, what did you eat for breakfast? 
Every week, we seem to ask the same things – he tells us the same things.  Sometime he\’ll say something really out there – as if to be \”mean, ornery and cantankerous.\”
\”Son, hows your girlfriend?\”

This is my wife Dad.
\”I know that. I\’m asking about your girlfriend.\”

Oh, you mean my black furry one? (The dog)
He laughs, \”If you say so, Son.\”

Pops can be a really sweet old man. He is still a man. He has been told NOT to refer to the candy he gives the nurses as \”booty bait.\” That\’s what they called it in his time – WW2 when he was in the military. 
\”Dad, that is DISRESPECTFUL.\”

\”Oh, they love it.\”

No, they don\’t. Please, Dad, don\’t say that anymore. 
\”Oh alright, Son. If it makes you feel better.\”

We\’ve apologized to the nurses – they say they are used to it. Thanked us, for at least trying to explain it to him (without him getting into trouble) They don\’t hold it against him. At least he doesn\’t try to sneak a feel like I know some of the older gents have. 
It\’s like having a teenager. He gets rowdy – we get a phone call. He really does something wrong – we have to go in for a meeting. Navy works there, and while he technically is not supposed to tell us – he is family, so he will call us and give us a heads up when he does something; like yelling in the cafeteria or throwing cake across the room. He is not in the dementia neighborhood yet. It\’s not full-blown or maybe they are just afraid of him. 
We used to volunteer until all this virus stuff – I always enjoyed helping them all with Bingo. They win good prizes. There is this other elderly man, Jack, that seems to do well with the Ladies. All the female volunteers like to sit around Jack\’s table – he\’s funny. Pops doesn\’t like anything about Jack. 
This one particular time, Jack kept winning. Let\’s just say, Jack is an annoying winner.  He likes to rub it in.  I could hear some grumbling going on with some of the residents. Jack wins a few more – now Pops is grumbling quite loud. I look at him. 
Don\’t go there
This round they were calling out the numbers; if you match your birthdate you BINGO. 
 5 23 24

His birthdate is 5 23 26.  
I look at him. He won\’t look at me. He knows he\’s cheating.  I let it go. Aren\’t I bad? But we do have to watch him and we did mention it to the other volunteers who told us, they all do it.

He keeps us all, smiling or shaking our head. 

3 thoughts on “Fun with Pops

  1. Anonymous May 8, 2020 / 3:51 am

    How funny with the bingo game, but heck, he might as well have some harmless fun. He does seem like a character! Glad that you guys have found a way to visit him and get to spend time with him.betty


  2. Anonymous May 8, 2020 / 6:28 pm

    Oh yes, he's a lively one!


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