My very OWN DAY

Parking lot

So I said, Good-Bye to the husband…as he drove off early this morning to do some hiking! I insisted!!! I have till around 6pm. WOW. I can do whatever I want, or do nothing. He went to Lake Shasta and parked at the boat ramp. They are letting people out on the lake – at first, I thought I may have to drive him over and drop him off if the parking lot was closed. Plan A worked out great!

He still thinks of me – sending me photos! This one he called \”The Watchers.\” I can\’t tell if those are vultures in the trees or what?

I started re-watching Downton Abby. The husband doesn\’t care for it. I just started season 2. So I might watch a couple of episodes.

  • I wanted to plant my sunflower seeds. 
  • I need to get out all my summer clothes and wash them – 
  • Maybe bake some banana nut bread. 
  • Sit in the sun.
  • Watch the birds.
  • Dig out old gardening books. 

Tomorrow, with permission – we get to drive through the Veteran Home to visit my FIL and wave to him, through a window! The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

I saw a Facebook post from the Veterans Home, that they allowed a parade of classic cars to drive through. While I thought that was a nice diversion for the residents, it also bugged me – a few weeks earlier, I had asked them if we could arrange a \”parade of family cars\” to just drive through – with balloons (no mylar) and posters. We\’d just drive through the loop and on out. They told me NO. It was against the Governor\’s orders. Yet, they allowed strangers to drive through. They told me it would be a \”security nightmare\”

That\’s just BULL. I admit it made me kinda jealous, they allowed strangers in classic cars over family! Although they look like nice strangers and I am happy they allowed it, but family should be able to do this as well.

I emailed the \”powers that be\” at the Home and while they haven\’t approved a family parade, they have agreed that we can drive through with our dog Laydee while Pops, looks out the window! Something so simple and I am beside myself with EXCITEMENT!

On the Facebook post I also, made a comment about families and a few others also chimed in wanting a parade of family. I\’ve seen on the news other care facilities have done it. The Veteran Home is a gated facility but it can be done in a secure way – limit the cars, to one per family. Break it up into 2 parades on 2 separate days. I mean come on NOW, they can do this.

Does this look like a SECURITY NIGHTMARE to you???

8 thoughts on “My very OWN DAY

  1. Anonymous April 29, 2020 / 7:43 pm

    I think a parade would be pretty dang easy to control. WHy would family want to create a scene and or make trouble?


  2. Anonymous April 29, 2020 / 11:40 pm

    Oh my gosh. I am jealous. Seriously. Would love a day to myself. I hope you enjoyed every minute of it. I have heard of people doing parade of cars here to celebrate kids' birthdays and other milestones. I think it could be very uplifting. Wish where your FIL is would see the importance of such a thing.Betty


  3. Anonymous April 30, 2020 / 10:09 am

    What possible harm can from from cars driving through? Is the virus jumping off the cars and into the home? I did see a news video from China where they were spraying down trucks. What?Glad you got some time to yourself. I posted a video the other day about a couple quarantined at home. Hilarious.


  4. Anonymous April 30, 2020 / 12:02 pm

    A lot of that going around (whats good for the gander isn't good for the goose sort of thing)–I have noticed a lot of that as well…like, our beauty salons and barbershops are closed and yet, here is Cuomo on tv sporting a haircut. Disgusts me.ANYWAYS—That is so nice your hubby thinks of you, smiles. I love Downton and would love to watch it with you, smiles.


  5. Anonymous April 30, 2020 / 12:32 pm

    It's ridiculous that the did not let you have a family parade!


  6. Anonymous May 1, 2020 / 1:08 am

    A day alone is awesome, I like being on my own as does Tim


  7. Anonymous May 1, 2020 / 11:33 am

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on the parade of cars thing. Good for you, sticking to your guns! With you in spirit!


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