getting back to normal..what’s normal?

February was a busy month for us. What usually is a short month, seemed to drag in anticipation of the upcoming wedding on the 29th! I am happy to say, it was a beautiful success and the newly wedded couple are vacationing in Hawaii. They come home Friday. We\’ve been feeding their cat, Ed. He\’s quite the recluse. He peaks his little head out from the corner of the stairs, looking down at us, growling that freaky cat growl. Oh well, I still think he\’s cute.

We had some excitement here just before the wedding. It was Thursday night, we had just turned the light off to go to bed when the phone rang. It was the Veterans Home, reporting that my 93 yr old FIL, had a high fever, dangerously low blood pressure, coughing and wheezing so he was en route to the emergency room by ambulance. We get dressed and go to the hospital to meet him. When we walked into the ER waiting room, it was packed with sickies. Most had masks on – they were all coughing and one gal was vomiting. My husband and I looked at each other, and said, \”we\’re gonna die.\” – – So they tested my FIL for the flu and it came up positive. We were there till 3am! The next day we had to cancel the service, \”Precious Cargo\” who we had paid $600 for, to accompanied him to the wedding along with a nurse\’s aid. Fortunately, they gave us a total refund. Now the $300 suit, we threw away the receipts.

So we\’ve been suiting up and visiting him at the hospital and they released him Monday afternoon. He also had pneumonia. He\’s on lockdown – and they have taken every precaution. Looks like in just a couple more days he will finally be FREE to move about the cabin.

Of course, like all of you, we\’ve been watching the Covid-19 spread. Just yesterday, Shasta County, confirmed our first case. Earlier in the week, before they told us about the 50 yr old man, people were buying up all the toilet paper and water. Sorry, I don\’t get that! Just today, I did my grocery shopping, and it was fine. All the shelves were stocked.

We still plan to go to Lake Tahoe in 2 weeks. A few days before, if the situation looks grim, we\’ll adjust accordingly. I don\’t freak out. I know that pisses a lot of people off. On Facebook, I briefly joined a Cornonavirus USA WATCH group. OH MY GOD. People were saying how they are stocking up on ammunition in case of riots, stocking up on water in case the infrastructure fails. I commented they all needed to take a breath and calm down and just by keeping a calm voice, I was told that I would die, that I will be sorry, blah blah blah. I had to leave. They have 21, 532 crazy people, freaking out. I\’m more afraid of those types of people than I am the virus. You do what you can do – with the best information you have. Other than that, playing a blame game does nothing for me – speculating, listening to gossip is pointless. So I garden.

Meanwhile, life around here is good. My husband goes out way more than I do, but it\’s because I\’m an introvert. He goes to the Gym, to the VFW, and to the Home to see his dad. I have noticed the people I know who are medical personnel, are not showing any panic yet in that group, people who claimed to be nurses said they were freaking out and scared. I guess it all depends where you live. I\’m up here in a rural county. Regardless of what I have heard from groups, Shasta County has the testing. They are not turning anyone away.

7 thoughts on “getting back to normal..what’s normal?

  1. Anonymous March 9, 2020 / 10:55 pm

    Stocking up on ammunition? Some people are nuts. I don't know any nurses who are frightened and panicking. I am concerned about the lack of test supplies.Love,Janie


  2. Anonymous March 10, 2020 / 3:25 am

    Glad the wedding went well! Sorry about your FIL and his not being able to attend the wedding! I hope he makes a speedy recovery! I don't know why so many are so very concerned about Covid-19. Don't get me wrong, I understand the seriousness of it but I think the media, as usual, blew so much out of proportion and caused panic to spread. I wish they would report flu cases in the statistics along with Covid-19's statistics. Granted Covid-19 has no \”flu\” shot currently and can spread easily if people would just do simple precautions of washing hands thoroughly and staying home when sick, things would be \”okay\” down the road. Even the health people said they are seeing less new cases in China. Once the hot weather gets here they are anticipating things will \”die\” down as people will be outside more and not spreading diseases as easily. We have an emergency stash for an emergency but we aren't considering this an emergency (yet). On a side note, hubby finally got on the band wagon about approaching our pastor about Bethel Music. Pastor agreed not to have it be part of worship and strongly suggested to the worship director to eliminate Hillsong too.betty


  3. Anonymous March 10, 2020 / 5:18 pm

    People are crazy! Yeah I don't understand why some big cities don't have test supplies while my small rural county said they have all they need. Yeah there is a huge discrepancy.


  4. Anonymous March 10, 2020 / 5:21 pm

    Oh that is wonderful news, Betty. We attended a different church here in Redding – the one that is hosting the Justin Peters conference on False Teaching and Bethel. The pastor was absolutely awesome and he spoke strongly and without mincing words about the NAR and Bethel etc. So we have found a new home. Regarding the virus – we're keeping an eye on it – I'm more freaked out about the people. I can't get behind hysteria.


  5. Anonymous March 10, 2020 / 9:01 pm

    I think I'd leave that Facebook group. I don't generally have a lot of extra food in the house. I'm generally out a lot and it's just me, but I've stocked up on canned goods etc. in case there are supply difficulties to New York City. We saw that after Hurricane Sandy when trucks couldn't get through. But otherwise I'm still doing my regular activities, including the gym and pool. I figure the chlorine in the pool makes it the cleanest place in town.


  6. Anonymous March 10, 2020 / 10:08 pm

    What is normal?????????????????Having 200 rolls of toilet paper is not normal……………..


  7. Anonymous March 15, 2020 / 5:12 pm

    Good to see your post and the wedding was good to read about. I hope to catch up on a few blogs. I have missed some good reading.A writers community is having a big meeting about the June conference. I think it is about a month premature to make a decision. But I am bossy anyway so I am not joining the online meeting. If they need a boss, I think they will let me know.Take care and yes no panicking or fear. It's no fun at all.


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